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This weekend I dyed a batch of Leicester Longwool that I'd had a while... the fiber looks marvelous!



This afternoon I tried spinning this long stuff!  And I mean it is long... the shortest lengths are at least 6" long... and some are evenlonger.  It wants to be spun finely... it will not go thick at all.  It was so hard to spin that I tried making a rolag and that was a little bit better, but still difficult... So I just finished carding the whole pile... well it's only 10 oz. and fits into a gallon zip lock baggie...Here is the first part of the spinning I did today... this will be a very slow process.


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Oooo... VERY pretty. 

Very Nice.  Wel done.!!

Oh my word is that pretty! These are colors I'd like to make up sometime. What colors did you use? It looks like there are blues, reds and browns or tans? Gorgeous! I have some BFL that I'm going to spin up in the future and this helps me to get motivated.

Thank you Robin!!  Let's see....there's silver, ecru mixed with a bit of chestnut, purple, a mix of purple and scarlet to get a deep burgundy color, brown, and I even threw in a bit of fushia and salmon too.  I let them bleed into one another and was able to get some additional interesting colors.  All Jacquard dyes.  It's basically an exhausted dye bath.  Bits of this and that I had left over from other stuff.  I was a bit worried about it looking too muddy but it turned out surprisingly balanced!

So do you "paint" these colors on your fleece in a pattern? And if so are your colors in small sections? I just wonder when knit up if it may look tweedy and that's the look I'm wanting to try. It seems that each color maintained its color and didn't get muted out.

Yes I paint the wool but I do it randomly in 2-3 inch sections on cling wrap.  I literally used a large soft paint brush.  I paint on side of the wool then flip it over and paint the other side in a different random color pattern.  Then I steam set it for about 20 min and let it cool down completely before I take it out of the plastic.  Then I let it hang dry on a drying rack. 

I hope that made since!

It does make sense. So is your wool already predrafted down to where it would be when you begin spinning or do you predraft it after dyeing?  And then you ply it and it comes out like walah? Love it.

No I don't predraft anything.  After I dye it up, I split it in half by folding it in half and kinda marking where the half way point is and then just drafting it apart, one half for each bobbin.  Since I like a lot of color variation (depends of what mood I'm in), I may split each half into 2-4 more sections and then just spin from those.  I draft as I spin.

I think you must have spinning in you genes...Wow, most excellent job!

Thank you so much everyone!!


that's so pretty Bren. look at all those colors! nice you got that much fingering weight yarn :)


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