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This weekend I dyed a batch of Leicester Longwool that I'd had a while... the fiber looks marvelous!



This afternoon I tried spinning this long stuff!  And I mean it is long... the shortest lengths are at least 6" long... and some are evenlonger.  It wants to be spun finely... it will not go thick at all.  It was so hard to spin that I tried making a rolag and that was a little bit better, but still difficult... So I just finished carding the whole pile... well it's only 10 oz. and fits into a gallon zip lock baggie...Here is the first part of the spinning I did today... this will be a very slow process.


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Thanks Bev, I think it looks pretty scrumptious, too.

This is nice. I was just wondering if any of you knit up all this yarn you spin and what have you knit from them?

Thanks... and yes, as a matter of fact, I knit up most of my homespuns... you can see my latest here.

I did this mostly last summer for TdF and ended up with about 1400 yards.  

And I made this 

and these

I still have some left over.  I have to check my yardage, but I was thinking of either a hat or a stuffed bear.  This was the first time I used my handspun.

Excellent, Dawn!

Wow, that is gorgeous.  Great colors and beautiful projects.

Wowsers, Dawn.  Fabulous job on the spinning and knitting :)))


Dawn, I love this hand spun yarn even more now than I did this summer.  This is the yarn you took to the fair, correct?  It looks like it from the ribbons in the top picture.  These two items are gorgeous, and I love the look of the fingerless mitts.  Stunning! 

I am so impressed with your drop spinning.  It makes me want to get my spindle out and give it a try again. 

Thank you, Wendy.  Yes, this is one of the yarns I entered at the festival.  I was kind of disappointed by how the colors came out in the shawl, but I love how they striped in the mitts.  And boy are they warm.  

I love them both, but really love these mitts!  Isn't it interesting how the pattern affects the look of the yarn? 

Another one of those things that I didn't pay much attention to before I started spinning... I used to just use solids, but there are so many fun hand-dyed fibers that I want to spin that I am really having to think about how I want the yarn to look after I spin it.


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