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This weekend I dyed a batch of Leicester Longwool that I'd had a while... the fiber looks marvelous!



This afternoon I tried spinning this long stuff!  And I mean it is long... the shortest lengths are at least 6" long... and some are evenlonger.  It wants to be spun finely... it will not go thick at all.  It was so hard to spin that I tried making a rolag and that was a little bit better, but still difficult... So I just finished carding the whole pile... well it's only 10 oz. and fits into a gallon zip lock baggie...Here is the first part of the spinning I did today... this will be a very slow process.


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Yep, I think if I put this one, In Sheep's Clothing, and Clara Parks Book of Wool together, I'd have most of the bases covered.  Of course, then there are the sheep that they didn't have time to cover yet in the F&FSB.  I hope the next  one doesn't take too long to come out. 

beautiful Susan! i love how bouncy Polwarth is :)

I have to agree...

This looks like it would be so nice and squishy. 

Part of this is my spinning method... I like a fluffy (more woolen) spin  -  I find it knits up better, and produces a nice fabric.  

I've yet to spin woolen.  It's one of my goals this year - and sooner rather than later too.  Just afraid of what it will do to my shoulders.  But I am going to try it and find out. 

Very nice!  I love cream colored yarn, and this particular yarn fits the bill :o) 

I do too... as much fun as colors are, a natural white (usually cream colored) is just so pretty when finished... of course, my yarn is no longer cream colored... I just finished dyeing it.  LOL 

SOL, sooooooooo...... what's it's new color? 

Salmon... I'll have pics later.

Looks yummy soft - something about White that looks so soft and this looks fluffy as well.  :)

I need to read up on how to do Woolen - not sure which I do, Worsted or Woolen.

Becky, I was watching this video and the long draw video just last week.  Maybe this will help you. 


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