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This weekend I dyed a batch of Leicester Longwool that I'd had a while... the fiber looks marvelous!



This afternoon I tried spinning this long stuff!  And I mean it is long... the shortest lengths are at least 6" long... and some are evenlonger.  It wants to be spun finely... it will not go thick at all.  It was so hard to spin that I tried making a rolag and that was a little bit better, but still difficult... So I just finished carding the whole pile... well it's only 10 oz. and fits into a gallon zip lock baggie...Here is the first part of the spinning I did today... this will be a very slow process.


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I really enjoy this process of spinning and dyeing the yarn and then knitting something useable with it.  And yes, the BFL will be very warm - I will only have about 130 yards when finished, so I'm thinking a hat, probably.

I do have a quick question I'll throw out. If I dye my singles and then ply them, should I then wash them in warm water and soap again to "set" the ply? The ends of this skein are untwisting as opposed to my first bunch over in the Turkish spindle discussion that I plied before dyeing and the twists seem to be "set."

I always wash my skeins after plying. 

Yes, because you are adding new twist energy when you ply them, and that is what you need to set.

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are doing well!  I've been spinning (like always) and wanted to share my newest goodies!!  These were both dyed by me and spun on my Fantasia wheel!  I finally broke down and bought a professional photo kit for taking proper pictures of my yarns and rovings for my store.   It was only 26 bucks on ebay.  It came with a soft light box that springs open, a white, black, blue and green drop cloth for the background and 2 lights for either side of the box. I really like it!


Thanks for looking!! 


Erin Go Bragh

BFL wool, 2 ply

4 oz, 516 yds

light fingering


Here's the first photo with my new photo stuff!!

Chic Boutique

Shetland Wool, 2 ply

4 oz, 252 yds

worsted weight

Oh wow, that box is the bomb... not to mention the yarn... lovely skeins. 

Not only is that yarn beautiful but your photos are professional quality.

Sure wish I could find that.

It's right here Susan.  The two lights on the side weren't quite enough for me but I have a large overhead ott light that I added to the top of the box and it was perfect.

Thanks Bren.

awesome spinning/dyeing Bren! yay - a photo studio!! i have to agree with you, my two-light setup wasn't enough for me as well so I had to get a third. i have 2 different size light tents (40" and 24") and I could never get the 'look' i wanted with the tents but might try again after seeing your beautiful photo ;) 7 shades of green?? FABULOUS!!

Well, I've ordered my light kit, but I can see that a major portion of my fiber studio (long time in the making) will have to be devoted to photography. 


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