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I'm sure by now you've seen our adorable Snow Days ornament kit!

What are you planning to do with all the cute little sweaters, sleds, penguins, and garlands you're knitting?

Tell us your ideas by commenting on this thread, and you'll be automatically entered to win 1 of 3 $25 Knit Picks gift cards. Winners will be announced on the Stash Blog on 1/4/11. No purchase is necessary to enter.

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What about wine bottle toppers for gifting?
I have ferrets and cats. I need tree-safe ornaments and these fit the bill perfectly. It may be an obvious use, but it's *way* better than sweeping up the shattered fragments of my antique glass ornaments!

the knitted items for the garland will make great christmas decorations for the christmas tree, I put in my guest to always make my guest feel welcome with a home-y feel in their rooms....nice quick knits....
I plan on downsizing my big Christmas tree this year to a smaller one and decorating it with tiny sweaters. I love this kit.
I love the idea of using them as package toppers! Too cute! Honestly, I'm just excited about having some homemade Christmas ornaments. This will only be our second Christmas having our own tree, so we're just beginning to collect our own decorations.
These cute ornaments combined with a plate of homemade cookies or candy will make a perfect gift for coworkers.
These are adorable! I'm going to use them in my office. I have a long shelf and they will look great hanging on it. Need something festive there for the holidays!
I'm sending these to my friends I left on one coast and my new neighbors on the other.
Every year my husband and I "fight" over white lights vs. colored lights on our tree and house. I really want to knit the string of lights and win the argument!
I knit the strand of lights for my desk at work! So cute and festive.
Owww Gift tags!, or just a little something for those people who just get cards.

Then there is always the possibility or a snazzy photo shoot with good Ol Disgruntled Frog !
I could see a number of applications. Many has already been posted. These would be cute as place cards on the holiday table with the lights or popcorn garland lined along a table runner. I could also imagine the little sweaters appliqued across the front of a sweater.


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