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I'm sure by now you've seen our adorable Snow Days ornament kit!

What are you planning to do with all the cute little sweaters, sleds, penguins, and garlands you're knitting?

Tell us your ideas by commenting on this thread, and you'll be automatically entered to win 1 of 3 $25 Knit Picks gift cards. Winners will be announced on the Stash Blog on 1/4/11. No purchase is necessary to enter.

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The sweaters will make cute gift card holders to go in stockings, but all would be cute little gifts for all those people we like to give little gifts to!
I'm knitting these to go along with homemade cards for my kids' teachers, Sunday School volunteers, etc. The kids will "decorate" the inside of the cards.
Oh these little goodies are sooo cute! I love the bulbs to wrap around gifts, actually any of the ornaments make excellent gift toppers!! Gift toppers this year....tree ornaments next year. Fabulous!
These would be excellent as gift tags for Christmas. They would also be easily turned into finger puppets for little ones :) Those could also be attached to gifts as an extra surprise!
I would give out ornaments to my co-workers as gifts. They are adorable.
My family has a tradition where only homemade ornaments can go on the tree. My dad even handmade the star for the top and the lanyard garland (lights and tinsel are allowed). Every year I try to knit a new ornament to add!
I would use them to give out as gifts. Ornaments, especially those handmade, have a lot of meaning in my family, and are passed down, and throughout the family each year.
I love the 'lighted' garland and plan to knit some for gifts -- perfect to decorate the tree or on a shelf with greens.
The gingerbread man will serve as an tag/ornament, along with a plate of homemade cookies, for those hard to buy for folks on my list!
My first thought was that I would need to get a mini-tree to decorate in knitting only. Then I read some of the other comments, and I love the other ideas! Gift toppers, accents on holiday cards... so many ideas, so little time.
After I make a bazillion mini cute things...they link together really nicely with a few quick crochet stitches, and voila! A holiday scarf. (No, seriously. It's not as crazy as it sounds.)
I think they would be adorable on a wreath!
This one is easy!! I am currently making something similar and I got the idea of doing a "day chain" with the sweaters with 25 numbers representing each day of the week before Christmas and having a little treat inside each one for the kiddies :) It's the advent calendar KnitPicks style!


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