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I'm sure by now you've seen our adorable Snow Days ornament kit!

What are you planning to do with all the cute little sweaters, sleds, penguins, and garlands you're knitting?

Tell us your ideas by commenting on this thread, and you'll be automatically entered to win 1 of 3 $25 Knit Picks gift cards. Winners will be announced on the Stash Blog on 1/4/11. No purchase is necessary to enter.

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You can knit up a variation of some of the sweaters in Snow Days to match sweaters for Christmas gifts. Then the recipient will have a Christmas tree ornament that matches their outfit. You can put it on the wrapping as a package decoration. Very cute. Also put the Gingerbread man on the outside of a gift box of ...gingerbread. Everyone likes a new, cute tree ornament.
OMG, I think they are adorable and have the kit in my cart. Since I live in Germany and my husband has such a large family we really don't send gifts to everyone. But I can easily make and send each sibling and niece and nephew ornaments! And I want to make those lights to hang all over my house because they are just so darn cute!
I am working on many of these little sweaters for personalized ornaments for all the children in my kids' classes this year.
I have six young grandchildren and a lot of 'knit needy' adults as well. Snow Days sweaters are a fun way to give the grands something without worrying about whether it fits. Or will still fit in 3 months! Less work, same amount of love.
I think the garlands would make a super cute alternative to a ribbon on a package!

My mother-in-law has a tabletop Christmas tree and I think these little ornaments would bedeck it nicely also.

Whenever I see a gingerbread man, I can't help but think of the story - he would make a cute companion to the book as a gift for a child. Or as a companion to a "gingerbread cookie in a jar" recipe/ingredients.
NIna had mentioned that the sweaters will fit a barbie. My 4 year old loves to dress her barbies so I think a couple sweaters would be fun to make for her.
I like to use small ornaments as package toppers along with ribbon and place one on top of each gift i give to my family. I want to make one little sweater for each member of my family and fashion a small wire clotheshanger to go with it. Each person gets a cute handmade ornament to put on their tree every year.
still make and put gifts on their packages, they still love them.
We spend the Christmas season in warm weather, these are perfect to hang on a plam tree or plant!
Last year I knitted about eight of the sweaters and a few pickles. They are adorable and the palette yarn is nice and soft and great to knit with. This year if I have time I'll be knitting the sweater with the shawl collar. That caught my eye. These sweaters really look cute on the Christmas tree. ♥angel
I have this antique christmas tree that i'm putting the light garland on. I remember my grandma having the oversized bulbs on it, but the new large bulbs would melt the tree now. So it will still look the same, but not burn down.
My Mum and Dad are divorced so I have a BIG extended family. The awesome thing about these Christmas ornaments is that everyone has a Christmas Tree, so (boy or girl/young or old) I can feel good about knitting up a ton of these to give to the family members that I can't make a larger present for! That way I can give everyone a hand-made present and not worry about leaving anyone out, or having to spend a billion dollars on cheapo gift cards. ; ) Not to mention the making, and giving feels wonderful. And that's really what the Holiday season is all about, isn't it?


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