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Share photos of your dapper Mr. Foster and his human friends. Is he travelling? We're collecting photos of all the places he's visited.

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Thank you Cheryl. I almost sent him to his human without the jeans. I am pleased with everything though. He looks just like I had him pictured in my mind. My SIL said as soon as she had claimed her luggage at the airport, she got Sam out of her carry on bag and put him on top of her suitcase so Sam would be ready when his human came to pick them up. She said a man had been watching her the whole time. When Sam was all situated, he came up and asked her if he could take Sam's picture. She found this particularly amusing.
Those little monkeys love having their pictures taken.
I know Kirke sure does - lol.
Wendy, he's awesome!! His duds are so cute, I'm jealous!! Did you make his jeans and hat, or get them somewhere?
Thanks Barb! I made all of his clothing. Believe it or not the jeans were the hardest. Getting the rise just right was quite tricky. If my sister had not pestered me all day long about finishing them, I would have quit. The hat took three tries, but were lots of fun to work on. Here is a picture of hat #1 and 2.

Wendy, Sam is spectacular! What yarn did you use? He's quite a bit larger than the Fosters. I must admit to a bit of curiosity, though--what makes him "One-eyed-Sam"? He does appear to have two eyes ....
Thanks Deb. I used Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool for Sam, the hat and long johns, and Paton's Classic Wool for the vest. I used size 2 needles so the fabric was quite firm and the stuffing wouldn't show through. As for the 'One-eye', we were traveling while I was working on his long johns. When we arrived at the hotel, my DH moved Sam from the back seat to the trunk, promptly losing one of his eyes. We looked all over trying to find it, but it was gone. So I started calling him One-eyed-Sam and the name stuck. Here's what he looked like on the way home.

Since he was for a baby, I embroidered his eyes on. The buttons were temporary to help with placement and his hat.

Speaking of babies, how is Nermal these days? I can't believe he is one already.
Hi, Wendy. Sam came out great, and his clothes are fabulous. Thanks for the explanation of "One-eyed Sam." I knew you'd been calling him that for quite a while, but hadn't seen pictures lately.

Nermal is actually living with us for now, along with his mother, while his daddy pursues his acting career. Said career is off to a great start, he's playing the lead in his first professional production, "The Foreigner," and has auditioned for another show, as well as getting rave reviews on the first one. We're heading for Phoenix this weekend to see "The Foreigner." Nermal is turning into quite a handful. We've decided he's getting his Terrible Twos out of the way a year early. He is, however, adorable. He's walking, working on running, and sings and dances whenever he hears music. Thanks for asking!

How delightful he must be, even if a handful!
Well that must be exciting for you getting to see Nermal all the time. And I'm all for getting the terrible twos out of the way. Our second DD decided to wait until she was 3 to go through them. Since we hadn't experienced it with the 1st one, it was quite an experience! I'm glad the acting career is off to a great start, I wish him well on the other show. Enjoy the show and Phoenix.

I sure hope Supermonkey, Mimi LaTour and Senor Foster haven't had a bad influence on Nermal!
Here is a photo of Carmen celebrating Halloween in Gulf Shores, AL. I am trying to learn to crochet, so I made a pumpkin costume for Carmen using single and double crochet.
Dottie, what a great idea. She is so cute!!! Have you made any other clothes for her?


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