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Share photos of your dapper Mr. Foster and his human friends. Is he travelling? We're collecting photos of all the places he's visited.

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Oh, Barb, this is so fantastic. Thanks for sharing this world traveler with us. ♥c
I must say, it's an incredible feeling, that one of my silly little sock monkeys is half-way around the world, making someone smile and enjoy him enough to take pictures of him!

It's just amazing!!
Hey, we smile and enjoy them, why shouldn't other people do the same? Heh, heh, heh ....
Barb, "Cool Beans!!!!" This is truly amazing. What a wonderful thing you have done.
Barb, where are you sending your monkeys? Are these family or friends, or is there someone coordinating the distribution? (Not that I have time at the moment to knit monkeys for the troops, but I'd like to sometime.)
Hi I sent him to

LTC Rob Howe
TF Ready
FOB Shindand
APO AE 09354

I got the address from one of the other KALs that was asking for scarves for the troops in Afghanistan. Rob kept him and apparently he's quite a hit. He sent another pic, now they're teaching him to fly a Blackhawk helicopter. I asked Rob about sending another one and his response was 'Barb,
Believe me, more monkeys could be a problem for the camp, but I think that we can handle it! We are seasoned Soldiers and how much trouble could two monkeys cause?? ' ROFLOL!!!!! How little he knows!! And I'm sure he could find other people to take custody of the monkeys.

I also found an address on Ravelry, I think, for helmet liners and thought I might send a monkey there, too.
Thanks, Barb. I'll keep this in mind for when I have some extra "monkey time."
Deb, speaking of your 'monkey time', do you have a picture of Miss Marple to share???

Okay, here she is, Marple Monkey, complete with knitting bag ....
She's adorabel!!
Oh she is GREAT! I love the shoes and socks.
OMG! You just keep coming up with such great monkeys! She is really quite, well, quite Miss Marple!! I ♥ her.


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