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Share photos of your dapper Mr. Foster and his human friends. Is he travelling? We're collecting photos of all the places he's visited.

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Mr. Foster went to the antique mall with us this morning. He sat at the table with our group and had coffee. He was a big hit. He is now in our booth employed as a greeter.
Your Mr. Foster is a very suave booth greeter!

Mr. Foster's photo has traveled to family and friends by way of the internet, but he prefers to stay at home in the jungle.
My son-in-law and grandson are going to New York City next week on a class trip and want to take Mr. Foster along with them to see the sights. They are going to lots of big attractions like the Statue of Liberty, a couple Broadway plays, etc. I can't decide if I should let them take him. My husband says he will come back tattered, but it would be a great fun for them. What should I do?
I can't remember which commercial it is, but haven't you seen the one where the little girl packs her little monkey in her father's suitcase? When he finds her monkey, he sends pictures from his phone everywhere he goes with her monkey in the picture. The girl is so excited to see where her monkey goes and is especially excited when she sees her monkey in a picture in front of their house - daddy is home!

So I think Mr. Foster should be able to have an adventure also as long as they keep sending you pictures of everywhere they go. Mr. Foster deserves a photo shoot. Every star deserves one. But they need to watch out for the papparazzi!
The commercial is for AT&T - one of their touch phones.

Very close call in Baker, California. Mr. Foster was almost abducted by aliens. He managed to get away unscathed, but was very traumatized by the incident. Sock monkeys, UFO's and little green men...OH MY!
Where did you find those safety eyes???
I got them at Michaels - a local craft store here in California. They didn't have much of a selection. These here, were the only ones they had. ;)

How did you attach the eyes?

I used safety eyes. They came with an additional piece that secures around the post on the back of the eye. You push the post through the knitted fabric (which was crazy scary, cause the knitted fabric was stretched beyond belief and the post on the eyes I used was pretty big) and secure with the plastic disc.

Thanks so much. I was so anxious about the eyes that I also posted something to Kerin under "Need technical help with knitting Mr. Foster?" I haven't gotten a response from Kerin but Angel came to my rescue. She explained the same as you and I managed to gut it up and just do it. After all, the worse that could happen would be my ripping out some buckskin and re-knitting it.



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