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Share photos of your dapper Mr. Foster and his human friends. Is he travelling? We're collecting photos of all the places he's visited.

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Oh, Dottie, she really is a cutey pie. She deserves a song, so click here.
She is very cute. I love the outfit. So did she get to see fireworks?

I am so glad people are still making this adorable little monkey.
Yes, Carmen is perfectly attired for listening to American Pie! LOL Thanks for the link!
As soon as I saw her that song popped into my mind and I knew I had to link it!
Oh!! She's adorable! I love the outfit! What did you use for the stars?
Thanks for everyone's comments! I really enjoyed knitting Carmen. I used Scribbles Sparkle 3D paint for fabric for the stars. I made the outfit out of cotton yarn left over from previous projects.
Hi Everyone it's been a long time I've been busy with mom but all is well right now we are in Puerto Rico she wanted to visit family like she said she doesn't know when she will be able to travel here again. So here we are the weather hasn't been it's best but we made the best of it and I brought Lola for her first trip.
I will post pictures when I get home cause I can't figure out how to get them up loaded from my iPad. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. I have started making two more Carmen's while I've been here I just need to get home and do the stuffing.
Dottie your Carmen's forth of July outfit is so cool.
Peggy I love the the kool aid sock's I just might try dyeing some myself.
Cheryl Big Hello for you
Anita, I am tickled that you took your mom to Puerto Rico. I've only been in the airport there. Wish I had visited the island. Perhaps some day. We were on our way to and from St. Thomas while there. The whole area is so beautiful. I think I could batten down for the hurricanes because the views are so fantastic. Hope you stay dry. We have gotten some of the effects of the weather. We've had scattered thunderstorms for the last week and a half. The sun has managed to peek through in between but it has rained everyday. Glad your mom was able to visit family and I hope she is feeling okay. ♥c
Hi Cheryl it is a beautiful place to see even in the rain. My mom is very happy to be here visiting her family and telling me all about her childhood here. It is a nice place to visit but I miss the states can't wait to go home.
Well, I think it is wonderful that you are giving your mom this experience.
Anita, So glad to hear you took your mom and Lola to Puerto Rico. What a nice thing to do. It sounds like you are addicted to little monkeys now. LOL I am looking forward to seeing Lola's adventures when you get home. May you and your mom continue to have a good time, and as always, she is in my prayers. :o)

Oh yes, I like how you said you "brought Lola for her first trip." This must mean the first of MANY! lol These little monkeys do love to travel, don't they?
Mom has had a good time it was mainly to see her family. Oh I'm so addicted can't wait to get home so I can stuff the two monkey's I have here that I started, these two girls are for my twin neice's that can't wait for me to get home.
Me and Lola tried to find a yarn shop here but to no avail Knitpicks has me spoiled with there yarns.
Yes I'm planning to take her everywhere she's had a ball here. Thank you for the prayers.
As soon as I get home all the picture's will be up. My boy's still think I'm nuts carrying Lola all around....hahaha


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