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Fantasm Shawl

A couple of the CAL members are interested in this shawl as a crochet-a-long for September. Please join the group and post your progress in this forum.

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We have three area codes in our area so you have to dial 10 numbers.
My mom was trying to explain to my son about party lines.  He was completely flummoxed.  She said that they still had a party line at her parent's house until she was about 30 (which also baffled my son that at one point grandma was younger than mommy).

LOL -Gotta love the perspective children have. Especially because it really does give us some insight into how fast paced our culture is.  (Although the 'grandma younger than mommy' bit is probably the same the world/era over! =) )

Melody, oldest daughter, age 21, was just saying yesterday it's a bit 'funny' to be in forums where people are talking about the '90s as 'history'.  Then she looked at me and said, "I bet it's even funnier to you to have them mention the '70s as 'ancient history'!"

Yep- my childhood - all of it - is 'vintage'!  And I'm not done having kiddos myself! =))

If your childhood is vintage, OMG, I must be ancient!

I've unearthed my Fantasm shawl. I still remember the pattern, but my rhythm is off and I've already had to frog a couple of rows. I want to encourage you who started this CAL to not let your shawl languish any more than it has to. :) Don't forget to post pictures of your progress too.

Been working on mine a little here and a little there.  I'm up to 8 shells on a side, and plugging away.

And for any who are interested to know.......Sis' pic on Rav is at the top of the Fantasm pattern page!   Cheri PMd her to ask if she could use it, but we never expected it to be put at the top!!  (Very pleased mama now!!! )

Well, as it should be. Not only is it gorgeous in that brown bear of a yarn, but the picture is so outstanding. I think the photog should get a byline. :) It is definitely the best pic of the bunch. Give the girls a high-five from me. And pat yourself on the back for raising talented kiddos.


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