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Fantasm Shawl

A couple of the CAL members are interested in this shawl as a crochet-a-long for September. Please join the group and post your progress in this forum.

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I know that this is off-topic, but I had crazy trouble with metformin for the diabetes and LOVED Avandia which is now off the market.  I am on Actos now, and I believe that it a relatively "older" drug but virtually no nasty side effects and I am going on a year now.  For what it is worth.  And it's not crazy expensive.  I use it together with something called glyburide which is actually cheap.  You can always ask -- I have a friend who is having trouble with Januvia, too.
Thank you.  I appreciate your sharing.

I know that I have been kind of hit/miss here -- sorry!  I started the shawl with KP lace weight but then after looking a some of the samples I also started the pattern with a Bernat DK weight acrylic yarn that I had left over from a baby blanket -- it has a little sheen and a very cotton-y feel. I am posting the lacr weight along with a closer stitch detail shot as well as the heavier weight yarn (they are both worked with the G hook).  I actually love them both and will continue on with the lace weight (because I have enough material for that one :-) ) and probably make a DK weight for my 20-something DD who thinks it is wonderful for a scarf/shawlette that she  would use.

I do like the DK swatch. It lays so nicely. Your lace comes across looking like raspberry--is that about right for the color? It will be luscious.
It's a wine-y color pretty true to the picture.  I have had the yarn in the stash for a whle after frogging my only lace shawl knitting attempt . . .  I do like it, though.  Just not sure who will wear it, but there is plenty of time for that!
I'd use a J hook with the thicker yarn, just to have the same looking pattern as the thinner ones.  With the added  benefit of a larger shawl, or if it's possible to mess with the pattern, fewer rows to make.
These are lovely!!  Both of them!
Oooh, both are just lovely.
Oh I love them.  More temptation to make one of my own.

H E L P !

I just finished the Take It or Leaf It, and (I'm embarrassed to admit it) it is about 5inches too small.

So I fear for the Fantasm---there is no gauge, and you can make it any size, so I shouldn't have to worry. But I would like to know how y'all are doing size-wise. I measured 4 inches along the spine and got 9 - 9.5 rows. How does that compare with the rest of you? That is using lace weight yarn and a size G 4.0 hook. (unblocked, of course). *red in the face*

Sis's measures 4 1/4" and mine measures 4 1/2" at 9 rows.  We are both using F hooks.  I'm using Fino Laceweight yarn, Sis is using the mystery yarn.
Hmmm . . . I'll check it out in the morning.


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