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Aloha! You all knew this was coming . . . show off your hand dyed roving or fiber!!

I dyed up my first batch of KP's Superwash Merino/Nylon and Merino/Silk - so yummy, fluffy, soft and heavenly . . .

Please post your photos and comments - Can't wait to see all your creations!

Here is my SW Merino/Nylon:

and the Merino/Silk:

~ christina

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Bren, I was serious when I said I'm making a list of the colorways I like.  I truly can't buy much fiber for myself right now, but when I get a little more spenidng money, or I have a  fiber need for one of my Tribe, I go shopping from my wish lists.  Just ask Christina.  I've bought more special order stuff from her than I have listings from the shop.

You do a fantastic job.  Your colorways are not what I would think of putting together....but they are very appealing, very pleasing, very GOOD! 

I concur:  Keep up the good work!!

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.  These are marvelous, especially the Marmalade.  Reminds me of my grandmother.  She ate it every single day on her whole wheat breakfast toast. 

Aloha all and Happy March!

As my adventures in fiber reactive dyes continue, here is a new colorway for you.

This is AMERICANA in 'easy-to-spin' cotton roving. I'm spinning a couple ounces of an undyed version now on my mini Golding spindle (I haven't a supported spindle yet, so my Purpleheart Tsunami is the next best thing). it actually is easy to spin and super soft!

and bamboo/cotton fingering yarn:

yup, the roving came out more red; the yarn more blue - same dye lot and everything! imagine that . . . i'll post these on the yarn forum later today.  enjoy! ~c

You temptress!

Temptress indeed!!  It's beautiful!

Easy spinning cotton? I didn't know there was such a thing. It is beautiful.

thanks all.i'm still learning about how to get the right colors with the fiber reactive dyes and i find the process a bit more complicated than acid dyes (soda ash, urea, etc etc), but maybe because i don't do it often enough.

I didn't know about easy-to-spin cotton until a few months ago. it comes as a really looooong sliver and is thinner than wool roving. it's thicker than pencil roving though. the staple length is quite short, so you need a lot of twist in it (Goldings are great for this) but it really is soft. i'd like to dye up more cellulose fibers and am hunting around for a good supplier. . . 

not completely off topic, but - have you seen the new Chroma colors?? GASP!

YES!!! They are fabulous!

hi all - here's a *new colorway* for you, inspired by one of our very own!!

this is NUTTY TEA in 64 ct merino wool

and in merino/cashmere/nylon fingering yarn

inspired by Nutty's tea break photo during our February Spin-in

(photo used with permission of the photographer . . . and her tribe)


Very pretty! 

thanks Susan! here's another one for ya . . .

WOODLAND in polwarth

and fingering 'tweed'


Oooo, I really like this one! (Have I said that before?)


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