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Aloha! You all knew this was coming . . . show off your hand dyed roving or fiber!!

I dyed up my first batch of KP's Superwash Merino/Nylon and Merino/Silk - so yummy, fluffy, soft and heavenly . . .

Please post your photos and comments - Can't wait to see all your creations!

Here is my SW Merino/Nylon:

and the Merino/Silk:

~ christina

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test...  Bumping this reply over one...

Jo, the poncho was quite easy to do.  I had made the pattern as directed first and thought it would be cute for the girls, but didn't want them to have to mess with trying to keep it on.  The poncho shape would work good for adults, too.  The hard part would be figuring out how big to make it.  I just draped the one I'd already made around the kids and counted the repeats for how big I wanted it- then used the same yarn.  A friend at knitting group gave me a good idea- when they don't want to wear it as a poncho anymore, it might work as a skirt over leggings.  Hopefully without cutting and inserting a zipper or something drastic.   :) 

Great idea!

That sounds like a great idea.  Either a skirt or a poncho.  Neat!

Got it yesterday!!!  So gorgeous!   I drafted it out (basically fluffed it up), split it into 3 lengthwise, and spun up one last night and the other two tonight.  They are about fingering/sport weight (with a few lace weight spots and a few dk weight spots).  I think it will knit up as a stripe, since the color changes are long.  Here they are:

Now, here's my quandry:  The fiber is BFL, so it is not washable.  I want to make something for Olivia, and I thought of a felted backpack.  I should have enough yardage if I leave them as singles, but I don't know if singles will felt properly.  Has anyone done this?

Or, what else might I make with this yarn, either single or plied, for a 4-year-old?  Any suggestions?  If I ply them, I'll have to unwind them and start from the other end to make the colors as evenly matched as possible. 

OK, I have NOT tried felting my own homespun, but theorectically the BFL should felt.  Be sure to knit them loosely enough that there is room for them to felt. 

There are many things that you could make for a 4 year  old.  Hat, shawl of some sort (I've done those for several little girls and they loved them)... and then there are always toys (more patterns than I can count)... You could make her felted slippers - that would be cute.  I'm sure others will come up with many other ideas.


Jo, there's a book called Nordic Felted Knits that has several patterns for little girls like ponchos, hats and etc.  Most of them are made with fingering weight yarn.  Some of the patterns are on Rav but I don't have the time to go looking for them right now to link them.  Sorry! =(

I made it to Rav this morning.  None of the patterns listed from that book are the little girl patterns, only the adult. 

One of the cutest little ponchos in it, though, is just made of two garter stitch rectangles that are sewn together in the end-to-side technique.  If you do this in the singles, the color play in the garter would be fantastic!  (I'm basing that opinion on what's happening with the BSJ for the Wee One from the Sea Reverie! =)  )

The poncho pictured in the book also has fringe all around the bottom in a complementary color, which is part of what makes it so darling cute! =)

Hope this helps!

It's beautiful Jo!  You could also make a felted stuffed toy possibly?  I've never felted handspun but BFL should felt nicely.

Thanks, Susan, Nutty and Bren.  The Poncho idea sounds perfect.  A toy would be cute, too, but I think I like the poncho idea better.

Nutty, how much yarn does it call for?  I still have to see how much mine came out to.

Well, it's 410 yards.  Not a whole heck of a lot,  Maybe a little shawlette?  I'll see what I can find for that amount of yarn.

Jo, it's my understanding that singles are better for felting because the fibers will open up better.

That makes a LOT of sense.


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