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I decided to start this thread as a dedicated place to look for announcements on new videos.


Just last week, we added Kelley's Rigid Heddle Weaving Class- which includes a series of 10 videos to help you get started weaving. Kelley starts with an overview of what weaving is and as well as a good overview of the Kromski Harp looms, in addition to everything in between including what a warp and weft is, how to warp, how to thread your heddle, how to weave, finish your fabric and how to wash your woven fabric.


Happy Weaving!

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Thanks, Jenny! I think this is a great idea for following the videos.

I just added a video on how to choose buttons for your projects. Kerin covers lots of great info on all sorts of button shapes and styles, as well as how to match up buttons that will work best for your project and yarn. 


How to Choose Buttons

Kerin gives a great explanation. But I would add that buttons without shanks can be given a "shank" by sewing it very loosely and then wrapping your thread around the "shank" between the button and the fabric to create a shank. I also almost always use a clear button on the back of the fabric to help prevent the buttons from pulling on the fabric.

what a clever idea, i love it!

I just posted the fourth (and last) video in the Advanced Cabling Techniques series!


Here is a compiled list of the four different cables covered in this series:

Closed Cables

Intarsia Cables

Increasing & Decreasing Cables

Multiple Crossing Cables


And if you are new to cables, we have that covered too! In this video lesson, Kerin goes over how cables are created, what to expect in cable charts, as well as several types of simple cables including traveling stitches, twists, 2 over 2 cables, and an easy yet very impressive staghorn cable!


How to Cable for Beginners



Thanks, Jenny. I really enjoyed those.


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