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Hi Tara,

I'm not sure what you are seeing...the front page looks the same to me. Could there be a problem with your internet browser?

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Stacey I have Safari as an Internet browser so I have No Idea WHY I get "2" Faces for Communitys Page 1 that's a bar room basic two color burgundy& green /beige ...the 2nd is Very very colorful ..Not a Clue WhY it happens just know at Bottom of Page it gives me a View as Regular Page Option I click it get ColoR :))) LotS & Lots of Personalized colors
I was wondering does anyone know of a christening set pattern for girls. I have looked all over the internet and I have only found three patterns and they are all for crochet. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Brandy,

Are you a member of Ravelry? I found several there, though not many online - mostly in books. Here is the Ravelry page:
Knitted Christening Gowns/Sets

Here are a couple of links to actual patterns, in case you are not a Ravelry memeber:
DROPS Christening Gown
Floral Trellis Christening Gown
Cabled Yoke Christening Gown
Ribbons & Lace Christening Ensemble

Hope this helps!
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To Brandy
There is also a pattern for a Christening dress and Bonnet in the book titled "A Gathering of Lace". I have this book and it is also sold through Knit Picks. It of course is knitted lace. Beautiful. but I doubt if I will ever attempt it. It really does not look that difficult but I probably won't have a reason to make it. So for what it's worth it is in that book.
I'm trying to figure out where is the place to post a question about knitting? under meet and share? learn? thanks!
Why Dont You Join a Couple KALs we Frequent .. Then You can pop In Chat & Knit with Us whenever You Feel like Knitting with Company :))) Some of us are also Learning to Spin too ..Drop SpindlE !! Is GreaT FuN
Hi I'm in the Uk and love your community of knitters and listen to your podcasts every week I only see one downfall which is the lack of availibility of your products to the uk will you be changing this in the future?
I have a knitting group who gathers every other sunday. For a treat I purchased the "Anklet Kit" and put numbers in a hat and let everyone chose their favorite color sock yarn, then pick which pattern they wanted to do. My sister has little bitty feet (she had polio when she was younger) and I am trying to figure out how to adjust the "Mary Jane" pattern for her. They are all new at toe up socks..but most of them have done cuff down socks. Can someone suggest how to "reduce" the number of stitches from 60 (she can fit both feet in one of those puppies) to a smaller amount. My feet use 54 so I folded the middle of the pattern to have the correct number of stitches, although I don't know if that will "mess up" the pattern. I may have bit off more than I can chew! I also use the widdershin heel so I am unfamiliar with this "wrap" stuff. Is there a video showing how to do this heel? Really love these anklets since I hate doing ribbing cuffs! Thanks for any assistance you can give me.
Hi, can anyone direct me to a video on how to knit a herringbone stitch. I am totally confused by how you can knit two through the back loop and drop only the first of the two stitches!!

I am looking for knit design software.  There are two design software packages that look good, Garment Designer and DesignaKnit.  Does anyone know these software programs, or can you recommend something else?  Many thanks.


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