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Hey, everyone! Let's see what you've done so far! I'll start. Here's my progress. I have the first sleeve about 1/2 done:


This is a fun project. Happy knitting! --Peggy

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I am hoping to start this evening at our library's Knit2Gether.....we are travelling to Texas, but I am not sure how strict the airport security is about knitting needles. I have had trouble in the past, so I am leery of carrying it on with me. Guess I must look shady or something!
Janet, I suggest you go here and print this to take on your trip. I also have a pair of safety scissors. I haven't taken them on a flight but I have managed to take them into a courthouse.

I've attached sleeves and working on the yoke now. I decided to go with saddle-shoulder shaping instead of raglan shaping, but I might be in over my head. We'll see. EZ, save me!

Very impressive! Never fear. EZ inspires confidence in all of us. What's the worst that can happen? A little frogging? That would only result because you were just practicing.

Thank you! I agree, frogging isn't so bad, and now's the best time to make mistakes. I just tried on the piece, and it fits well so far. I wish I had made the body a few inches longer. I knew that adding more shaping to the sweater around the waist would increase the need for length, because you can't simply multiply your torso by the row-gauge--you also have to take into account how that fabric is going to conform to curves, making it need to be longer. But I just didn't add enough.

I'm using Shimmer only, not Shadow, so even though my stitch gauge was the same (6.25/inch) the row gauge has been around 10/inch. Actually the row gauge started out at 10, and now at the yoke, it's down to 8.3. There must be a lot of stretch from the weight of the fabric. I was only expecting it to be 9 based on another sweater that went through a similar gauge change.

The saddle shoulder is coming along great. So much simpler than I imagined. I've decided to throw another modification in there--shaping the neckline. I'm not too happy with some of the pictures I saw of the pointier junctions where the button band meets the neck band. I think shaping the neckline slightly deeper in the front would counter that pointiness. So I am starting to insert the neckband's turn row a little earlier just in the front, even before finishing the saddles. Then come the saddles for the saddle-shoulder, followed by raising the back neck, and finishing the neckline as usual.

Can't wait to see it finished.


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