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Hey, everyone! Let's see what you've done so far! I'll start. Here's my progress. I have the first sleeve about 1/2 done:


This is a fun project. Happy knitting! --Peggy

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I'm so glad you figured out the problem, Judith. You sound like you are feeling better about it. We will keep our fingers crossed and our mouths shut!
Judith: Mmmmmffgh! Just kidding. I didn't use the duct tape. I know you're going to be fine. It always goes better after you get rid of the bad karma, doesn't it? We'll be here, cheering you on. I can't wait to see your finished CLC! And have fun in the Colorwork Mystery KAL! --P
I don't have my yarn yet (probably today or tomorrow) but I've been practicing
the colorwork with some sock yarn. It's going easier than I thought. I feel much
better and am no longer considering cardi-cide. I am going to put it aside for a
bit and work on the colorwork. When I get back to it I should be calm and ready
to go. I've never had so much difficulty with a knitting project before. I also have
got to get this place shoveled out a bit. My cleaner is coming Sat. and I must
restore a little order. It's the hottest summer we have ever had and I've been
feeling awful since our so-called Spring which lasted all of 2 weeks.

Thanks for the kind thoughts and letting me have my little tantrum. I don't
do that often. --J
Judith: So sorry the cardi is driving you nuts! Glad you have another interesting project to switch to for awhile. I had to start my sweater over because the sleeves weren't right, and the decreases plus the contrast yarn were driving me NUTS. So I just eliminated the contrast, and things went better. It's still far from done; I have the sleeves attached and have started to knit towards the neck; but it's pretty boring knitting for me. I now know I'm not cut out for sweater knitting with lace-weight yarn and much prefer the smaller projects. I do hope the day will come when we can both say we have finished our sweaters. We are getting summer heat in the fall this year, and cotton yarn works better now. When it cools off, we can pick up the sweaters again.
Thank you Angel,
I'm sorry that you're going nuts too but it's also nice to know that I'm not
alone out here in the loony bin. I loved the sweater design but in the
entire 42 years I've been knitting I have made only 1 stockinette
sweater. It bored me and that was just a tiny baby sweater. I kinda forgot
about that. I KNOW the day will come when we can both say we're
finished and put the darned things on. The third thing I knit was an
authentic Irish fisherman sweater for a large man and it was beautiful.

I'm really looking forward to the colorwork. It has an unfolding design
that should hold my interest nicely.Thanks again - you were exactly
what I needed. -- Judith
Judith: You're welcome to come here for your next tantrum! Sounds like you would like to cool off, LOL! We just had the first fire of the season in our fireplace today. Winter's coming! --P
That's the kind of fire season I would enjoy!
Thank you for the invite. You are amazing. You're the first person
who has ever inited me to have a tantrum on their property. I really
have them very rarely but everything in my life seemed to conspire
against me at a time when I was vulnerable. It's just a tad cooler now
and I can feel the difference. Enjoy your fires.

Sweet little Honey has been very solicitous during this tough time
and has been very loving and cuddly.We really were meant to be
together. She's a funny little dog. --J
I'm glad you have a big dose of Honey to help you through the tough times! Give her a big hug from all of us.
Judith, I understand the heat. We are so dry it is unreal. We are almost 9" behind in rainfall this year. This is about 1/3 less than the norm for this time of year. I think this heat have gotten most of us down. So hopefully this heat will be over soon.

I'm glad you are feeling better about the colorwork. I'm scheduled to receive my last color tomorrow and of course it is the color I need to start with! So don't feel like you are behind.

I think once you pick up your cardi again, you will feel better about it.
Cheryl: I know what happened to your rainfall. We've been entertaining it all summer. There were even some jokes around town that we were really living in the Pacific Northwest. --P
Wish you would send it a little to the southwest! But at least it will keep those "fires" in the fireplaces from getting out of hand this fall.


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