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I bet your friend will love it!
I'm knitting a pair of Kabuki sock from the Knitted Socks East Meets West book. Love the pattern and the sock and it goes so quickly and yet looks so fancy.... My daughter is getting some very nice boots from us this year so boot socks were a no-brainer!

I won't have this done for Xmas, but my daughter's birthday is in March. Hope to have this done by then since I'm nearly finished my gifts for this Xmas! Habanero by Stephanie Japel from the Knit.1 magazine. Lots of honeycomb and cables, top down, no seaming....

I love both, Marta!!
Thanks. The Habanero was a recent 're-start'. I really didn't like the way the increase sections looked. I was just doing them wrong. So with the new version, I'm much happier with the results. But this is a 'cone of silence' knitting project! As for the boot socks, I'm half way down the foot now on the first one. They should be done in time without a problem. Even if I only have one really for the mailing, I can send the second one later! Now I want to see some finished projects from YOU!
Oh, one sock would be a terrific IOU. I haven't gotten much Christmas knitting done this year. I'm about finished with the face of my last stocking. Then I have to do the feet but that shouldn't take long. Then I plan to do a hat for DH. I've gotten so caught up in posting that I haven't gotten a lot of knitting done. BUT I am having fun and that's what matters.
Georgeous projects, Marta!! That top down, no seams sounds like a perfect knit!! with enough of a challenge to keep your interest up, of course!! Is that a recent issue of Knit 1? Happy knitting!!
P.S.Thanks to you, I'm icording everything--you're absolutely right. It does make a wonderful edge, so finished and firm. I used it to construct the seams on the ASJ and it works perfectly!! And lots of fun, with a good movie, of course!!
Thanks... The Knit.1 issue with the Habanero Sweater is Fall/Winter 2008. It was project number 1. It is a challenge, but looks gorgeous. Having looked at all the project photos on Ravelry, I would say that you need to be really careful about yarn subsitutions. The original yarn is a lovely organic merino wool with heft, rather than a softer drapy look. For the sweater, I think the firmer look is far better to emphasize the honeycomb and cable pattern.

And you're welcome about the i-cord! I used it to do the little topknots on the hats for the twins for Xmas. With those, I only used 3 stitches and it made this sweet little punctuation mark for the top of the hat. You have to laugh when you see them! So I've now learned that i-cord can be useful for cleaning up your edges and other functional things, and also a fun embellishment to anything you do if the spirit moves you! Sweet.....
I'm on the last sock of two different pairs. On the Ginger's Bread Socks I have plenty of yarn... and am ready to start the last toe! Yeah!

Also on the last of the alpaca socks using some locally produced yarn... I had one skein of fawn and about a half skein of off white (for the cuffs, heels and toes)... I just finished up with the fawn and only had 3 yards of yarn left... I was beginning to wonder if I would make it, but I did.

Now, the big question... is there enough of the white to finish the last toe... I think so, but here is a pic of the left overs... what do you think?

Good vibes being sent your way!! There will be enough, there will be enough, there will be enough!!!
So, I started making the Christmas pickle a few days ago. I had some green sock yarn, and I thought I would use that. Well, I got about half-way through and realized my really cute pickle was quickly turning into a lime-green condom. Can we say ripped? I'll be ordering the right yarn from KP after the holidays - so I can make my pickles.
Oh, Jen, that is too funny! The next pickle I make, I won't be able to keep a "straight" face!


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