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After consulting with Kate, I ripped out the Santa Hat I started earlier and restarted tonight using #5 needles and White and Moroccan Red CotLin. I'm half way through the first hat. Haven't decided what to do for 'ties', but that's the easiest thing at the end. The hat is way cute! It's the nicest part of this day which has just been totally crazy. Whew. I'll be glad to be done with today. Tomorrow will be crazy, but in a less hectic way.... By Thursday I'll be ready to knit like crazy. I want to get the Santa hats done and mailed off to the west coast in the next week or so so that the Poms can wear their hats for walks during the holiday season! Also photos would be in good taste..... I'll share....
We await the photos!
Here's my progress on the lights. Only thing is, this is my first time ever working something in the round. I am doing the Magic Loop technique for the lights and it feels like they are ending up inside out. What am I doing wrong?
Those are awesome!
Rachel, the magic loop shouldn't make any difference when working in the round. Are you knitting every round? See when I first replied I didn't notice your question because I was enthralled with the lights. Whatever you are doing I would stay consistent.
You're doing the same thing I started off doing before I caught myself. I'm doing Magic Loop on my lights, too (I'm deathly allergic to DPN!), and the problem comes when you pull out the loop. Make sure the "good" side (the knitted side) of your work is on the outside of the "fold" you do to the needle--that puts the "wrong" ("purled") side on the inside. I haven't worked the Magic Loop in a while, and I get confused so darned easily...
I totally agree that you should do them all the same way as you've been doing them, though. I love them! I've got about 9 more to do, then I get to pick my next ornament project.
Tangled Fingers - I love that name! That's how I feel when I start these ornaments on double point needles. I imagine it's still pretty tricky with magic loop.
Angela and ladies.... pics of the Ho Ho Santa Hat I did for the Pomeranians are posted on the 'finished' thread at the end. Three photos and a funny story. Knitting for animals is a whole other world!
They really are cuties!

This is the scarf I'm working on for my friend. It is just garter stitch, but it is at least a start
Sometimes just garter is perfect. I think this is one of those times.
I like it! ;)


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