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I'm working on the Bella Epoque socks from 2-at-a-time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oates. I'm using kettle-dyed Stroll in Wine (though I'm only doing them one at a time on DPNs since I don't have a long circular size 1 needle). I started on Monday and have been knitting obsessively on them since. I've knit roughly five and a half inches on the leg. I don't have a picture, but next time.
Wow, that's some progress.
I made them in a lovely purple Palette--turned out beautiful-I can't wait to see yours!
I've been knitting snowmen like mad. I was on vacation last week - flew to Savannah, GA from Oregon, and stayed there a week. I managed to knit about 4 snowmen on the flight, so here's a photo on Vacation Day 2. 4 felted Slim Snowmen (naked and eyeless), and one unfelted. I'll post a photo of Vacation Day 7 a bit later.

I'm heading out for a business trip on Monday, so that's another long flight and free evenings hanging out in my hotel room, so I'm projecting some serious productivity! My only challenge: to not take 10 different projects with me that I'll never have time to start on.
Amy, those are going to be so cute.
Amy, you just have to keep flying around so you can knit more cute stuff for us to see. These are fascinating little creatures that anyone would love to receive.
Love those little snow people, anxious to see all of them when you decorate them. Irene, Palsknitto
Well, this is kinda weird for an "in progress, but stay with me.

I've become quite obsessed with toilet paper roll cozies and I want to knit one for every member of my family (4 of them). Because my family is so diverse, I'm taking a shot at designing my own patterns for them. So this was my first attempt at my own design AND my first attempt at color work!!

As usual, Alison was a huge help. My attempt ended up very gathered from my floats being too tight. So Alison and Tina, both said "no problem, just block it." So we did and it turned out great.

This toilet paper cozy is for my bathroom, I wanted to make my mistakes on one for myself. It's supposed to be an echinacea flower. So now I'm going to take a shot at one for my middle brother and his wife. It will also be an original design--wish me luck :)

I'm going to post more details about the blocking on the front page of the Knitting Community.
Very, very impressive! Cute pattern. You really deserve an A+.
I'm flying out tomorrow for a 2 week vacation in Europe. As I'm sure you guys can relate--I sussed out my knitting projects for the trip WAY before I packed a jacket or shampoo :). I'm taking three projects for the trip: a basic ribbed hat for my boyfriend for his birthday, the lace shawl for my mom for her birthday, and a snowman toilet paper cozy I'm hoping to design for my mom for Christmas.

I'll be back Sept 21, hopefully with some pics. Talk to you in a couple of weeks.
For someone who was describing herself as a newbie just a few months ago and is already designing things for Christmas, that's quite amazing. Maybe you should sneak Kerin's Mr. Foster in your suitcase so we can get pictures of him on your vacation. I'm sure he would love to take a trip to Europe.
i have a blanket i'm making for my mom using lion brand jiffy yarn, and a lot more in progress.


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