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Have a felted finished object? Let's see them!

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Yep! I'd think about using old Tees for yarn but my boys wear them until even the homeless can't use them.
Then we will have to buy it from Mielie!
Here's a new iPad tote:

This one makes it easy to carry the iPad around and listen to the iPod feature or Audible, because the jack for the earbuds and the sleep button are both exposed at the top of the bag. I lined this one. There is a pocket for storing the ear buds when not in use.

That really turned out very nice.
Great to use, too!
Yes, it is nice to be able to listen without worrying about ear buds connection getting bent, etc. I like that this one is lined. Isn't this lining left over from another of your bags?
Indeed! Yes, the fabric was used in two other bags. I also had enough to put in the new quilt I have been working on.
I like this Peggy!  My Ipad is in the post and I have started to knit my own bag for it.  I know this might sound like a dumb question, but do you have to put anything in a bag when felting in the washing machine?!  Yes, I know, I dont mean my shopping, computer etc!!
Sorry I'm just seeing this! I was away all weekend and deleted most of the posts for that time. I know you have already felted at least one bag, but the answer is no. I do put t he bag in a pillowcase and fasten it shut to protect my washer from a fuzz attack, though. I like to find a book the right size to put in the bag while it dries. I wrap the book in a plastic bag first.

Here's my MacBook Tote Bag, drying on the sweater dryer:


I used WotA Bulky in several colors: Suede, Caribou, Spruce, Wine and Hazelnut. I think. I stuck a quilting book, well-wrapped in a plastic garbage bag, inside to help block it. Here's what it looked like before washing/fulling/felting:


That's lovely Peggy. I used buuble wrap folded up to put in mine which worked well. My photos are on my page. I got some nice lining but I can't find any nice handles! I am still looking! I see you knitted yours in. That was clever. How did that work? For the future it might be easier for me than trying to buy!
You could knit them and sew them on, I suppose. I picked up five sts about an inch or two in from the corner. I knit 16 rows back and forth, then switched to I-cord for 76 rnds, then another 16 rows of garter st and sewed it to the other side, about the same distance from the edge. When I did my purse, I just started the strap on the end and finished it at the other end, so one strap. The only photo I had that showed the straps was before felting, but you get the idea.


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