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By December 24, this thread will be the most beautiful collection of knitted items ever gathered.

I'm so excited at the thought of getting to finish an item and then get lots of oohs and ahhhs from people before I even wrap it. I'm even MORE excited to see what other people finish to give away!

I'll start us off, many of you have seen this one already--I finished a toilet paper cozy for my little brother and his new bride. It's a spicy tuna roll.

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oh, and K2P2 ribbing strikes again!
Geez Louise julienne Youve Got Needles on Fire there sweety !! "2" Projects in 1 Day ! Well that surely Deserves a Hugh High 5 !! And October YOU Should be Proud ..a Year Youve been Knitting Oh My Great Job You too have Earned Your Bragging Rights !!
This is going to look really cute on a little one!

... most of them... a couple are still in need of finishing up but for the most part the pile is complete - missing is my sons afghan in his school colors and my mom's lacy tee...I still have a pair of socks, a neck warmer, a fornicating deer hat and either a pair of gloves or mans socks... I hope time is kind to me!
Nice job, October!
Thanks!~ Is it wrong to be proud of this pile? I've been knitting a year today!!! :))
Absolute NOT wrong. You should be very proud of yourself.
Not wrong at all... with this accomplished, you have every right to be proud! --S
All beautiful, every one of them!!! What pattern did you use for that leaves scarf? It looks just yummy, and skinny enough for a toddler!
If it is the piece in the top right it is KP's free pattern Victorian Lace Headband. I knit it in palette and it took less than a day - It taught me how to make knots. Each piece I knit taught me something new. Yes, it would be skinny enough for a toddler and could be easily modified into a scarf. :)
Nice! TY for the info!
Yaay! Two down in one day! I love knitting for toddlers and babies! This is a crochet scarf in Yarn Bee Cameo Bulky, simply the most squishy, comfy, soft, lovable yarn I've ever had the pleasure of feeling!


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