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By December 24, this thread will be the most beautiful collection of knitted items ever gathered.

I'm so excited at the thought of getting to finish an item and then get lots of oohs and ahhhs from people before I even wrap it. I'm even MORE excited to see what other people finish to give away!

I'll start us off, many of you have seen this one already--I finished a toilet paper cozy for my little brother and his new bride. It's a spicy tuna roll.

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My finished Christmas presents so far.....
Gorgeous items. You did a great job! I need to REALLY get busy... August came and went... and not I'm at the middle of September and have about 4 months of knitting to do... --S
Great gifts, Amy. Those are really going to make some happy gift receivers.
Wow, you're way ahead of me!! I'm still chugging away at my socks for my mom and scarf for my dad.
Another Xmas present! This is Jared's Turn a Square hat from Ravelry's website. Message me if anyone would like the free pattern!
Go Amy!!!
You're on a roll - way to crank out the knitting!
Great job lady,
~Susan xxx
Looking great! --S
Too cute! I think I have that pattern. I'm not too sure there is a free pattern out there that isn't on my computer! LOL
I've probably missed a couple, but mine is full of them! --S
Isn't fun! As if I could knit them all, even if I lived for a 1000 more years. Are you sure you weren't born in 1052? LOL.
No, I've check my drivers license and birth certificate... 1952... and trust me there are so many things I still want to knit... guess I'll have the next 30 or so years to see what I can do. --S


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