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Voila! I am so excited. I'm going to wear this thing all the time. Despite my fairly major mistake (thanks for the advice Allison!), it all came out all right. I can't wait to start my next one. Hehe.

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I love how your cardi turned out. Thanks for the inspiration - I need to get back to mine.
Looks super cute - great work!
Oh, gorgeous! And your front bands and hem look so polished and professional. Excellent job!
I was just about to comment on how nice the front bands and hem look. But Amy, your sweater turned about beautifully. I also really like the colors that you chose.
It looks great! Congratulations on being first done (I think) :o)
Beautiful! Please tell us what colors you used. Very, very nice job with the band. Awesome colors.

Did you omit the short row shaping for the neck? Love the higher neckline.
Thank you all for the compliments!
My colors were Midnight Shadow for the MC and Hush Shimmer for the CC.
I did not omit the short row shaping, but I did the minimum in the pattern. I am very short waisted and forgot to factor this in and just knit to pattern even though my numbers were a bit off due to the previously mentioned marker placement mistake. The neck is a little higher than I might have chosen, but I kind of like it.
That's fantastic!!!

I am totally in awe of you! Great job!!
That is beautiful and you did a great job, I don't blame you for wanting to wear it all the time, I just got my yarn, yet to cast on. Irene
Oh, good, another person as far behind as I am. Unless you are talking about your second sweater. My friend tells me that I am not in a knit a long but a knit behind. I just finished washing my swatch and will measure gauge and cast on tonight. I'm not totally happy with my colors but have tried two and will just go with one.
Very nice job and beautiful colors!
I'm so amazed that you are finished with your sweater, steek and all!! I was ready to scrap mine, but now I'm encouraged to start over. Enjoy all the compliments you will get when you wear it.
This is wonderful. I love the color contrast and your knitting is awesome. Wear it proudly. Oh, you didn't mention what colors you are using for your next sweater........or did you!


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