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What are you going to finish first? Let's see some pictures!!!

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Yep, she is a real beauty!  And now that I can see the pictures better than I could on my phone, I can see what others were talking about regarding your spindles.  Very cool beans!  I hope you've been able to do a little spinning between clearing out more stuff for DS#2. 

Must not start a new project, must not start a new project! Ooo look at that pattern, Ooo look at that wool :(

ROFL! I can so identify with that!

Me, too!

I finally finished my first pair of socks last Saturday.  I've been working on them off and on since Jan of 2011, and am excited that they are finally done!  DD#2 is happy to have them as well, especially when she stepped out of the car in her flip flops on the top of a mountain at the border of Tenn/NC in the Smokey Mountains last Sunday.  It was snowing in spurts and bitterly cold.  Cold like I'd never felt before.  So cold that our faces ached.  But her wool socks warmed her feet up in a jiffy, once she got back in the car and put them on.  They didn't come off for the rest of the day - lol.  Kids! 

Wendy, These are great for a first pair of socks... and they look so, so warm and comfy.


I finished a vest this week for my DGD Gracie... I used homespun Targhee

and you can find the pattern here... Only change I made was knitting it in one piece and kitchenering (is that a word?) the shoulders. 

It turned out gorgeous! Gracie will definitely look even more beautiful than she already is in this.

I just wish I could send it off today, but I have a few more things to finish up to include in the box.

Best to send everything at once.

Good work! Wendy on the socks! love the color. Good work Susan on your vest. Good job to you both on your UFO's. keep them coming.

Thanks Susan and Debbie.  Glad to be done with them.  DD#1 wants her pair now - lol. 

Susan, the vest looks great.  I'll bet Gracie loves it.  If I recall properly, she loves purple, no?

Oh, my she LOVES purple, YES!!


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