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What are you going to finish first? Let's see some pictures!!!

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I am going to finish my Tote First. Two other projects are dependent on the amount of yarn I have left. The lighter blue is the same yarn my clogs are made out of. And my little tool pouch, which is just too small now, is going to be the same color as the tote. So in order to do those projects, I have to know if I need to purchase more yarn. If I do it might only be one more skein of the sapphire heather, but since I am only half way through the tote, I will have to wait and see.
I love how the felting turned out - the colors are so pretty!
cute bag.
Good job! (How did I miss this before?)

Nice work!

 would like to know where can I get the pattern for your tote pattern, this is entrelac knitting???? .

Here is my first finished project! It is for my niece. So now all my UFOs are for me; all the projects I tend to finish are the ones going to the quickly-growing ones...
So cute! Congratulations!
Adorable! It looks soft, what yarn did you use?
Ok. I'm officially excited! Here's my daughter's Eco Gathered Cardi in all its glory. The photo is a touch darker in color. The yarn color is called 'nettle'. It's a cotton/soy yarn that my daughter picked out. One down......
OH MY GOSH! You have every reason to be excited! It's BEAUTIFUL Marta!!! What sizes do the pattern come in? Maybe I'd like to make this for my GD.

You did an awesome job!
Wow - it's adorable - a little princess coat!
It does look like a jacket/coat for tiny people, but it's for a 45 year old! The gathered 'skirt' starts at the underarm and I made it long enough to be a few inches below the waist. My daughter is over 5'10" so I always add a couple of inches to the torso length for anything that is designed as a short jacket. She is also very slim with a tiny ribcage so I usually am making the small size. This pattern was in the Knit.1 magazine, #7, "Gathered Cardi". The issue was themed on 'eco' yarns (last spring perhaps--don't have it in front of me). The original yarn was a mercerized cotton from Plymouth Yarn Co., but I used Sublime cotton/soy which is a bit softer and silkier I think.

As for measurements, it is sized for bust (closed) of 32", 35", 38" and 41". I made the X-small size but tried it on my daughter to make sure it wasn't too tight before I did the 'increase' row where you literally double the number of stitches to make the 'skirt' part. It's knit collar down. As usual, I finish the sleeves before I close up under the arms. It's just easier for me as I hate working with dps. I use one or more circulars for almost everything I make. I did break down and buy dps to do the sleeves for this cardi, though, as the yarn was so 'splitty' (as one person described it on Ravelry) that just the weight of the needle tips was distending the shape of the stitches. I got bamboo dps and they did the trick. The problem with this pattern is that each row is a LOT of stitches! The skirt part is 280 stitches in the smallest size and 360 for the largest! I don't mind doing miles of knitting or purling as that is knitting while watching tv work. I need a project like that because I can't do lace work with the tv going. My next big project is a Brittany jumper for our 2 year old granddaughter so that one will be a REAL child's dress. Thanks for the nice comments from Elianastar and Tina! I confess to a great feeling of satisfaction with this now-finished object!


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