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holy moley these are awesome!! i'm so inspired! I just started my first lace project last week (i promised myself i would try to start ONE lace project before the year's end) and it's slow going - ha ha ha ha. i've already missed some yarn-overs and had more stitches than i casted on at one point, but that's ok i'm going to keep plugging away at it and eventually it will look like a scarf. . . hopefully. i can't fathom completing something has beautiful as these!!

I didnt think I could do it either. To pick up dropped or missed yarn overs you can pick up the bar between stitches. Lifelines and stitch markers between each repeat helps a lot to. I count each stitch to make sure I have enough between each marker. YO's have a nasty habit of slipping over markers so watch for that.

i've got the stitch markers between the repeats but thanks for the tip about the lifelines and dropped stitches ! i'll definitely be using lifelines now :)

Another one of the blocking mats. Almost done with the red/white striped one as well. Here is #10 that qualifies for the 11in2011 group. One isn't wide enough to count. boo hoo.

Oh yes!  This one is beautiful!!  Which pattern is it?

Midsummer mystery. Its big. 700+ yards big.

And VERY the colors.

Thank-you to both of you. The yarn is dream in color its native a merino/mohair mix. Comes in 1000 yard skeins.

Wonder if I could do an EZ pi shawl with my other skein?

I would thin you could, no problem.  It just might not be as big as some others.

I could always start out with my left over pink and then go to the other one, a purplish red color. Maroon or something like that.

You have me drooling!  I think that would be a gorgeous PI shawl!

I did it! Here is the 11th that qualifies. Below is the previous #11 that didn't qualify because of width.


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