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Finally got around to taking pics of shawls. The neon pink one as I call it, aka Haruni is from last year so it doesn't count towards the 11in2011. So #11 is the mystery one, that is just started. Clue 2 comes out tuesday. In the mean time, cast on the red/white one but may turn it into an afghan since I'm not liking how its going so far. It reminds me of superman for some reason. The army green as I call it is the Wendy Johnson mystery from this summer, the 3 colored one is the Stephen West mystery. Purple is that darned Orchid thief one that was in time out for a good 6 months until I finally finished it since recipient was coming to town.

Oh yes!  I'm really liking your Haruni!!  Might just have to CO that one next.

Great job on all of them! 

This makes 9 pictured. #10 is waiting to be blocked. Would you believe Haruni was my first EVER lace and shawl. Its much brighter in person. The Stephen West mystery was my first intarsia and composed of left overs from previous shawls this year.

Seriously?!  Not hard to guess with such a beautiful result for your first project that you've become as addicted to shawl knitting as you have! =)

btw:  how are you doing? Hoping all's going well in your neck of the woods.

Seriously. I'm not the type to wade into the shallow end, I go straight for the deep end of pool and dive in.

In this neck of the woods, its wet, wet, wet. The wetness will stop around the 4th of July. I am so sick of rain, especially since the summer here lasted 2 weeks, and the 2 weeks I was out of town! Its been wet since last fall (2010)!

LOL Me, too!  The first lace shawl I designed myself was only my second lace project ever.  It had a 16 row pattern with 3/1 decreases at the horizontal pattern repeat intersections.  That was the first and only shawl where I used markers between the pattern repeats.  The reason it was the last was because I was so annoyed by the fact of having to move the markers for that decrease I determined to never need them again!

Sorry it's so wet.  If I could send you some of our wind to dry things out I would.  Of course, it would have to stop raining first, or you'd just have the wind driving the rain at you instead of drying things out.

AB, nice job!  I'm rather partial to the red and white one. Which pattern is that one?

Its called contrast and complement. Its written so you can go bottum up or top down. I'm using worsted wt Malabrigo where pattern is written for lace or fingering or DK/sport. I had the yarn already and am trying to use stash but its a losing battle. I may continue it by decreasing once to a certain legnth to make a square and add borders to make an afghan or just go until its 48" across, cast off and send off to swap partner. Its 26" across the top right now.

Angle, great work and I love the Haruni have tried to knit that one once before and now after seeing your results I will try it again.  Think I wasn't experienced enough at reading charts : )  Thanks for the pics

I think it has all instructions written out as well.

It does.  I tried it when I was determined to learn how to read charts.  I had always done complicated pattern by using written patterns and really wanted to learn how to read charts.  I have to say that now I consider myself an ok chart reader but still have to turn everything off (books, TV, radio) if the pattern is complicated.  :  )  :  )

If I get stuck on a chart I refer to the written instructions. I learned to read charts doing Cookie A socks. I'm a visual, hands on learner and am just fine if it aint perfect. I had a drawing teacher in college amazed at my not worrying about errors in drawing and just going over them. We used a lot of Conte' crayon so little mistakes could be drawn over or rubbed in/blended. He told me he never saw someone so at ease and content at drawing. He was surprised I was a chem major. He really thought I should be an art major and that it had been awhile since he saw so much talent. I was happy for a day or too.


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