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Okay, my first successful loading of pictures onto KP, yippeee! I am not as computer handicapped as I thought.  Anyway, as promised a picture of the scarf, and my beginning.  I am now about 3 repeats from the beginning, this picture was at one time through with the edging on the one end. 



That is just beautiful!  The pattern is lovely.  Thank you so much for sharing it!  You are inspiring!!!

You are welcome, glad it turned out.  I have had this new camera for 2 years now, and just getting around to learning how to play with it.  I love it.  I can fit 300 or more pictures on a card, before I have to transfer to the computer and print the ones that I want.  I think the next purchase is a Kodak home printer for pictures, they work great, my sister has one. 

Catch you all later.


The scarf is looking lovely, Janet!  Did you know you can post pictures with your comments, even on the other thread "New Shawl for the new year."?

Yup, thought I was doing pretty good but didn't want to jinx it, lol.  I also have  blog going now so will be putting picks and comments there too. 



WeeHa!!  This is going to be tons of fun!!  Be seeing you!! =))


Sure is very pretty Glad you thought of sharing your work with us.  Good luck on the rest of it too.

Nice job!  It always take a while putting pictures online but you'll get the hang of it!  Keep up the good work!   Thumbs up!
Looking good! I'm still looking for a cone of red lace weight I have then I will start something. Maybe from the Estonia book. I got from the library a few days ago. Can't wait to start especially now seeing your scarf. Knitting is like an addiction. While your working on one project all you think about is what am I going to do next....haha! I've got the fever.

A pic is posted on my blog with progress on the scarf.  I think I only need to do another 3 or 4 repeats for it to be long enough.  So, should be able to get that done this week.



What a wonderful pattern, love the nups...they are a pain, but such a wonderful design detail! Keep us posted on your progress :)

Progress on the scarf.  I am two rows away from stopping on the longest piece of this scarf, and beginning the other end of lace edging.  Then I will be kitchenering the two pieces together.  I will snap some pics as I am do the attaching so that anyone worried about it can see how it happens, lol.  It actually could be quite laughable, with me at least.  I am left handed so you will have to pardon any confusion my pics may give you.  I always have to change things around from graphs in books, to work with left handed.  I get just a little giggly when I am doing it.




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