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Hello everybody, I've joined here in the hope of finding a like-minded soul who is knitting/has knitted this cardigan.  I was pleased to see the alternative colourways that have been posted, and have chosen to do it in the Light & Bright.  I ordered my wool this morning and thankfully 20 of the 22 colours are available here in the UK, so I've just swapped out two.of them for the nearest.


Although I have done a lot of fairisle work in the past, (very past!), it was all done on two old-fashioned blunt Aero needles, all the bits knitted separately and laboriously matched and sewn up, so I am very much looking forward to trying two or three new to me processes.  Two-handed knitting on a circular needle with steeks.  How exciting!  Can't wait for the yarn to arrive.



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Do you have a link to the pattern you are using?

Beth, I think this is the one she is talking about.

Good for you! I've never "bothered" to try knitting pieces and sewing them up--I know I'd never have the patience

to get it to work!! My 5th sweater to knit on circular needles is sitting here waiting for me to begin...if I can get circulars to

work....anyone can!  :)

Have FUN!

I loved doing this cardigan and I wear it all the time. It gets lots of attention. Colorwork on circulars is a breeze compared to knitting back and forth, especially if you can use both hands at the same time. Steeking it was a bit scary but it worked perfectly. My only advice is to check your gauge often. I was having so much fun, I ended up with a huge sweater. I managed to cut it down to size, but I wasted a lot of time and yarn in the process. If you are a Ravelry member you can check out my project page for it. I went into lots of detail in the notes. I am araignee there too.

Good luck!

I have a Palette Fair Isle Cardigan kit that I am finally ready to begin this summer.  I wonder if it is the same one?  Mine has a little pattern booklet and the model on the front is wearing the cardigan and has glasses on.

Beth - the pattern is on page 6 of the Fairisle Patterns


Araignee - it was yours that I came across on Ravelry that started me on my mission!  I am certainly going to read through your project again before I start.  I will be doing the 'alternative sleeve described in the pattern, and making it a little longer.


Natasha - I am sure the kit you have must be the one, although apparently the colours are slightly different in the new pattern.  If you fancy joining me in making a start it would be good to have a co-knitter!  (My colours are the Light & Bright variation that was posted on this Group (which I now can't find - luckily I had copied and saved the details).


Deb - thanks, looking forward to starting the cardigan.  I'm actually all packed up ready to move and of course my needles are at the bottom of one of the boxes so there'll be a slight delay whilst I rummage through a gazillion layers of packing material - I knew when I packed the boxes that there'd bound to be something I needed.  Why oh why did I pack my needles?


Where are you finding the alternate colors? I would love to make this again but in less bright colors-and a smaller size.
Hi Araignee - I found it somewhere on this site - I'm sure it was somewhere on this Group.  I have saved the details in a Word document, can I attach a Word document here?
Sandra, when you reply, if you look below the comment box, it says "Upload Files". Give that a try.
Thanks - trying now ...

Ooooh, it worked!
Or it can be found here too:

Alternate Colorways for the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan


Sorry that's in huge... I just copied and pasted.  :)


I bought the pattern last year to use up my leftovers from the East Meets West Bag.  I got bogged down and didn't finish the bag yet... so haven't started my sweater yet either! 

Thank you! Now I've just got to clear up a few projects so I can get started on one of these. I can't wait!


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