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Hello everybody, I've joined here in the hope of finding a like-minded soul who is knitting/has knitted this cardigan.  I was pleased to see the alternative colourways that have been posted, and have chosen to do it in the Light & Bright.  I ordered my wool this morning and thankfully 20 of the 22 colours are available here in the UK, so I've just swapped out two.of them for the nearest.


Although I have done a lot of fairisle work in the past, (very past!), it was all done on two old-fashioned blunt Aero needles, all the bits knitted separately and laboriously matched and sewn up, so I am very much looking forward to trying two or three new to me processes.  Two-handed knitting on a circular needle with steeks.  How exciting!  Can't wait for the yarn to arrive.



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My wool arrived yesterday and although the colours are beautiful I didn't think at first how they could possibly work, but when I tried putting them together as per the pattern they absolutely do.

Fingers crossed my needles arrive today (had to order online) so I can get started over the weekend.

I'm going to try the German Twisted caston as apparently this method inhibits rib curl, which can be a problem with two colour ribbing - I've never done it before so another first!

Look forward to hearing that you've started your second cardigan Araignee - have you decided on your colours yet?

I hope your needles arrived today! The German Twisted Cast On is my favorite cast on.

Yes, they did arrive thank you, and I practised for ages trying to master the new to me cast on, but whether it was me or the fact that this yarn is very loosely twisted I just couldn't get a nice edge, so I reverted to an old favourite, the Cable cast on - looks quite neat and seems to be suitable.

After a couple of false starts (miscounted cast on, twisted join) I finally got that bit right and I'm now into the rhythm of two-handed knitting and I'm surprised at how easy I'm finding it.  Of course, I am experiencing 'new project enthusiasm' at the moment, so we'll see how I get on.


Keep us posted!

I love the Dark and Rich colorway. Mine is pretty but VERY brightly colored. I really stand out in a crowd. The darker colors would be better for winter. For two years it is all I have worn with my down vest. I have terrible hot flashes and the sweater and vest combo works well for me. I haven't worn a coat in years!

This was one of those projects I never lost interest in. I spent many a happy hour curled up on the bed knitting and listening to books on I call this my Thirteenth Tale sweater because that was the book I was listening to while I worked on it. I also never let myself work to the point where I was tired of it. My trick with lace and colorwork is to always stop while I am still enjoying it. I would give myself a certain amount of rows and would always stop when I came to the end. I think I did one section of the pattern at a time. It took a long time to finish but for me it is the process and not the product. If I don't enjoy making something, I never  wear it.

Excellent advice!

I hope someone is still knitting this besides me!  I have a question (this is my first real stranded knitting and steeked project).  On Page 3 of this pattern in the "Note" section it states:  "Leave at least a 3" tail when tying on new colors.  do not weave ends in on the body of the sweater."

Usually, when I have to add in a new ball of yarn, whether a new color or not, I  knit a couple of stitches with both the old and the new yarn, and I did that for several rounds of this cardi then realized that would make the steeks lumpy and bumpy.  Then I tried weaving in the old yarn for a couple of stitches...also lumpy/bumpy.  So now I amjust adding  in the new color(s)/balls of yarn knitting the "next" stitch according to pattern (alternating colors if it is a Fair Isle Round), but this seems to be leaving a hole/gap betwwen the last stitch of the previous round and the first stitch of the new round.  Is this okay?  Is it all going to work out in the end?  what is going to happen to those "at least 3" tails of new yarn  when tying on new colors"?

Beverly, is the color change occurring in the steaking area? If so, then don't worry about it. It's going to be steaked!

Yes, color change in steeking area...thanks so much for responding.  You cannot imagine how very worried I have been!  I'll take your advice and stop worrying...phew!


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