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Hi ladies, I've had an eventful weekend here on the farm.  Started with a ewe who presented her lamb head first but no legs visible so I had to go fishing and pull it.  A very large (15.5 lb) black ram lamb who set a new weight record for us.  He has a halo of white wool on the top of his head so I've called him Gabriel.  This ewe is famous for multiple lambs so when she didn't present another I had to go looking.  Found a pair of legs way far in so managed to grab them and pull.  Turned out they were hind legs (semi breech) which explained why she wasn't contracting or feeling the need to push.  This was another ram lamb but white this time and about half the size.  He was out of the placenta and quite bloody which was quite unusual.  He was too weak to nurse so I had to stomach tube him twice yesterday and keep him under a heat lamp in the barn with Mom and brother.  This morning when I went down to check he was up on all 4 feet and nursing on his own - yippee!!

The we had a ewe who was not progressing with her labor and not dilating which meant we had to call in the vet.  Ended up having to do a c-section to save Mom and try to save the baby.  Unfortunately the baby was already dead and it's doubtful we'll ever be able to breed her again as she had suffered internal trauma.  Of course it was one of my best ewe's, a colored Romney with a killer fleece.  Hopefully we'll be able to prevent infection.  Time will tell.  She was up and eating and drinking the next morning so fingers crossed.  It was 2am before I got to bed after this one.

Today we had a ewe deliver a white ram lamb and I'm glad to say both Mom and baby are doing fine!

Here's some pics for you:

                             Looking for the right stop to lamb.  This

                             is a Coopworth ewe which is a cross between

                             a Romney and Border Leicestershire.

                            If you look closely you can see a black

                            head starting to emerge.

                                                            Just born

                             Not quite ready to stand

                             Up on his feet and looking for milk.  The

                            brown sheep in the background is this ewe's lamb

                            from last year.  She's quite curious!  It'll be her

                            turn next Spring.

                             Lamb #2

                             Lambs born earlier in the week.

                             Mom wondering what the heck I'm doing!

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The first gray BFL I ever spun was variegated - a tonal gray and I knit this with it there is also some red silk in therte too.


Is that your Landscape shawl?

More like a landscape blanket... sort of bigger than I envisioned.

What????? You mean they don't come in pink, blue and green?  :o)

ROFL!  Wendy, YOU kill me... they should, right?  LOL 

And here I thought that they always came in colors like these - lol. 

NOT!  You would think they could breed that into them, right... I'm LOL for sure... how dumb are we?

Well, they do have naturallly colored cotton. So why not sheep?

Well then, you would think the sheep could be naturally colored as well... LOL 

Cheryl, that was interesting. 

Wouldn't that be funny if sheep came in these colors.   But then it would take away the fun of dyeing it ourselves. 

Natural Colored Sheep.  :)  Just no green or pink or blue. 

With the breed list here.  :)

Thanks for the list Pickle, I found that very interesting too.  Looking at the list, I found I have 9 of them either in fleece form or already prepped form, and at least 1 from each category, although the only colored fleece/fiber I've worked with has been alpaca.  I'd like to get a colored fleece sometime soon though.  I guess in the mean time, I'll just have to 'force' myself to enjoy creating my own pink, blue and green fiber - lol. 


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