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oops, I must have messed up. I have another question. Are you supposed to cut the yarn to begin working flat?
Sorry, Rachelle, I was out of pocket last night. I didn't cut mine, because when you get back to using the other color it is right at the same spot. But it is okay if you do so. It's just one of those personal preference things in knitting. For me it meant less weaving end of ends. I hate having to do that.
Where does one find the actual pattern?
hi Carol,
Click HERE for a link to the pattern.
oh dear. Here i thought i was doing well.. but i've hit a roadblock! I have carmen done and in a dress.. sweet! I have mr foster done and dressed in scrubs.. sweet! I'm trying to do the lab coat. I have finished the base coat.. done a 3 needle bindoff on the shoulders.. and BAM. brick wall on the collar. I'm a sock knitter.. never done a collar.. so please be gentle. The instructions say to graft two live ends of the collar together, then whipstitch to the back neck. um.. huh? I have 8 stitches on each collar extension.. if i only graft the ends, what about the other 6 stitches? I'm sooooooo very confused.. i look at the pics.. and am more confused. I can kinda see how to whip the extension to the back neck.. but this grafting has me totally baffled! Any help for a beginner? Worst case.. I guess the poor doc will just have scrubs and no coat!
Laurie, my Mr. F is still au naturel but I'll try to look at the pattern to see if I can help. ♥cheryl
Laurie, my Mr. F is still au naturel. I am going to look to see if I can figure out the problem. BTW, Mr. F and Carmen are too cute together. ♥cheryl
thanks! any help is appreciated.... the whole grafting thing has me baffled.. my socks are all toe up :)
You might check out Kelley's video on the kitchener st.
Okay, Laurie, I think what you do is after you do the 3 needle bind off for the shoulder, the neck extension is sewn to the back. The extension is rectangular in shape. The long side of the rectangle closest to the shoulder is sewn to the back of the neck. This will be done with the collar extensions on both fronts. The live sts from the extensions (the short side of the rectangle) should now be in a position to graft together.

I hope this makes some sense to you. I will definitely be out of pocket for most of the day tomorrow. So if you need further clarification, let me know and I'll get back with you as soon as possible. ♥cheryl
yes! that now makes perfect sense.. i can't thank you enough! yay!!
I'm so glad, because I wasn't sure I was making any sense to me! LOL ♥cheryl


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