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TY peggy! I am just about to move the leg stitches off the holder now..wish me luck!
M1L M1R I am not familar with these terms please may I have a mini instruction
Anita: Go to
for instructions. M1L means make one left, and M1R means make 1 right. You'll see it in the tutorial I've provided the link for. --Peggy
I just got my kit! I'm excited to get started but...
Do I HAVE to use the backwards loop cast on? Or can I use any other cast on?
I used the figure 8 cast on, like for toe up socks. Knitty has a good tutorial for it. It just seemed less awkward for me. I don't know that anything other than that would look right since you need for rows of stitches going in opposite directions from each other from the original 4 stitches.

Thanks, Jude! I'll try that!
Here is a link for the figure 8 cast on:
Say, could anyone post a picture of Mr. Foster's completed backside so I can see the shaping? I know this seems like a personal question, but Bananas doesn't seem all that modest and would likely oblige my request. All so I can know what it is supposed to look like. Thanks.

I can't post a pic (I'm @ work- shhhhhh...) but if you look at the diagram in the pattern, you can see how the short row decrease should lay out.
I thought I was home free until I tackled the ears. I read up on the provisional cast-on and began! I thought I was following the directions carefully, but my markers didn't seem to match the placement of those in the directions, so after ripping it out twice, I decided to just "wing" that part. I got the 2 parts sewn together, and then tried to get the waste yarn off and the sts slipped back onto the needles. Obviously I don't know the techniques and couldn't get them off, so finally just decided to throw that one away and start again. But.....before I begin, does anyone have any tips for me? Thanks so much. Joyce
I'm having some problems understanding Mr. Foster's bottom. I have gotten to the part where I have wrapped and turned until I have 8 stitches remaining between wrapped stitches. This has happened to me on a RS row. If I read the pattern correctly, this should have happened on a WS row? The next part of the instructions are about as clear as mud to me. I just don't get what I should be doing here....

"with RS facing,work across back, picking up wraps and working them together with the sts they wrap. ( I get how to pick up wraps, but should I now be working counter clockwise?) Work across front and then across right back, working wraps together with sts they wrap. work to end of round and then work two more full rounds.

Please Help Me before I go bananas!
I thought that I would post my stitch count, because the 2 sides of wrapped stitches aren't symetrical.

holding the bottom facing towards me and counting to my right I have 15 stitches that have the short row/wraps (actually 6 K,next 1 wrapped and then every other one wrapped per instruction) 8K (this is where my working end of yarn is currently at) and then 13 stitches that have wraps ( again worked per instructions), then there are 30 plain stitches on the front of the body.

I don't know if this is perhaps too much info, but I really am stumped here and I'm assuming that I have done something wrong and also don't understand what to do next.


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