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I hope that I can upload the pics. I am starting gloves to go with the set. I do have a problem with the top of my hats, they come out with small gaps toward the top where the DPNS are.

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Debbie and Mark, one of the best places for pattern searching is Ravelry. If you aren't a member I suggest you join.

Here is a link to Ravelry. And here is a link to entrelac bags found on Ravelry. You won't be able to see the search link without joining Ravelry first.

You know when I first learned to crochet and knit back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth..and a 4oz skein of yarn was $ .40..yes 40 cents lol..we bought it from the 5 and was all wool. I didn't know the difference at that time..I was just happy to completed a cardigan.

My paternal grandmother taught me to crochet..and I my first project was a granny square practice..just this is how you make a granny square lol..and we always took the finished pieces to the cleaners for a blocking.

I did bits and pieces over the years..made a few ripple afghans..etc..Sometime in the 70's the wool changed to acrylic..still who knew...I just wanted to feed my passion by knitting or crocheting..

This was also pre children..One day I decided the beautiful ripple afghan I made and hung on the back of my colonial sofa needed washed...well THAT day ..I learned all about felting *by accident*..

I was heart much so I donated it to the Good Will lol ..and I bet some hippie chick fell in love with it and is still using it right now lol

Anyhow ..I have totally progressed over the many years...

It is NOT right or wrong to block..just a persons preference...

And as to the acrylic...I became some what of a wool natural fiber snob...I admit it..however after a few ruined pieces by family..children and grands...I would NOT dream of using precious natural fibers for some of my grands in college living in dorms..use commercial washers..and would NOT take care...again no right or wrong..JMHO lol

I see KnitPicks is now selling acrylics too...very nicely priced.

I know exactly what you mean... now I'm very careful about who I knit what for... and I make sure that recipients know how to care for the items I knit.  It's about all you can do.

You are so right Susan...

I crocheted a very complicated pineapple pattern as a doily to fit my SIL LARGE oval coffee table in her formal living room...took me many months...( a little history about crocheting doilies..I taught myself because I could read a pattern..but over the years doilys frustrated me..and I just threw out many flubs LOL)..

The large oval doily I made for my dear SIL...I told her it was 100% only hand wash and air dry...well the dingbat must have machine washed it ..and put it on top of her HOT clothes shrunk down to place mat size...I could have cried...mostly because I told her how to take care of it...have I knitted or crocheted anything else for her? heck no lol..

Oh, yes, those are the "not knit worthy"... we have discussed them many times over the years... poor dummies. 

Exactly..but we all have to learn lol

The special throw is mitered squares for an autistis child and her mother is not really good at laundry..but she loves to cuddle an older throw..So I will make her one out of knit picks acrylic.


Oh have you seen Knit Picks new Acrylic line...very pretty...

and reasonably priced too...I am going to try a skein to make a throw for a special person...



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