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How are your UFOs coming? Show us your progress! Below is one of my poster children for the UFO. It's my Yei Figures bag by Nicky Epstein. It has been languishing for a number of reasons. I will finish it! You probably have some, too!

This new discussion replaces the "Updates on UFO Progress" discussion that seems to be clogging up. Feel free to post to either.

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TBH, I can't recall what LMSO stands any case, my feet never need be cold this winter and for that I am grateful :))

That is a Maria saying! Laughing My Socks Off!

OK... there are all sorts of UFO... there are the ones lingering in our knitting bags (or closets)... there is the list of items we want to finish before a holiday, birthday, or Christmas, and then there are the things that come up unexpectedly... Last month our knitting/crocheting groups (Needles and Hooks) decided to do a project of knitting pumpkins for the library (where we have our meeting... they are ALL due on Sunday.... is mine finished... until yesterday, I had not even thought about it... sigh.  This is the pattern we are all using... knitted FLAT!  Really!  I tried this yesterday, knitted all afternoon and was still not happy with it... so I ripped it out... decreased the size a bit (per other Rav suggestions) and I almost have a pumpkin... I still need to close up the top, stuff it, put a face on it... but the hard part (I hope) is finished. 


I can almost see its smiling face!
Speaking of smiling face, should I do the face before or after I stuff and truss it.
I think I would do the face after.
It's tempting to do it first... I'm so afraid I'll get it crooked..
When I did my polar bear, I did the face last. If that's any help.
My embroidery skills are not nearly as good as my knitting skills... I'll suck it up and try... wish me luck!
Good luck! The nice thing is, it doesn't take long, and if you don't like it, you can take it out and redo.
Maybe, I could stitch an outline and fill it in... that might work...At least I'd know ahead of time that it was even.
Great idea!


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