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Some may or may not know me but i am looking for knitters to knit fingerless mitts for a charity i am trying to start. I got the OK to donate from my current dialysis center. A lot of dialysis patients suffer from steal syndrome making their hands really cold as they dialyze so I and others are knitting mitts where i will donate them in mid to late April. There is a minimum of a 3" on the cuff so that it doesnt cover the access area. I chose to do fingerless mitts so people can still hold a book, use the remote control or use a laptop. If you are interested in makingbmitts send me a message and i can give you shipping info. Also post your pics of mitts here.

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Ooh thanks Peggy. Is it possible to put fliers at the cafe? My birthdays in October too. Making myself the LLP star trek mitts only with a fully covered thumb. The pattern with the enterprise on the front. Got some special yarn just for the project.
I can take the fliers to all the yarn shops and No Worries, and any other kind of place you think is appropriate!
I can do that too!
But not yet, it needs some tweeking, the flier that is. When its ready post wherever they will let you. I saw a knitters group one at the grocery store!
We will be ready when you are!
We're up to 50 pairs of mitts delivered!
And I hope to have some on the way soon! They are still drying.
Mine still need a bath. Is it sunny down there? In the summer I dry things outside on hangers. My sock blockers have a little hole on top which I stick through the pokes on the table umbrella. Dry in no time, but then again you have that humidity. Or I lay them on a towel on the outside table.

Heres a hint dont make errors with black yarn. I can barely see what I'm doing. Its lemon filled donut time to cope.
Donuts can help us cope.
And they are yummy too.
I know what you mean about black yarn! That's Zephyr time! They pick up the light, so I can see the sts.
Oh now I'm confused zephyr is a lace yarn company I think. I have some zephyr lace. Everything is all fixed on it now and ready to begin the colorwork section of mystery mitt.


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