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Some may or may not know me but i am looking for knitters to knit fingerless mitts for a charity i am trying to start. I got the OK to donate from my current dialysis center. A lot of dialysis patients suffer from steal syndrome making their hands really cold as they dialyze so I and others are knitting mitts where i will donate them in mid to late April. There is a minimum of a 3" on the cuff so that it doesnt cover the access area. I chose to do fingerless mitts so people can still hold a book, use the remote control or use a laptop. If you are interested in makingbmitts send me a message and i can give you shipping info. Also post your pics of mitts here.

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Great, I got MartyC's three pair today. Thanks MartyC.
Ok with MartyC's mitts thats 28 sent plus my five pairs is 33! So 57 to go since a nurse estimated about 90 patients.

Now if I would just stop freaking the drs out with my white counts! Total white count of 1.7 for me is NORMAL! Due to my blood disorder.
Just got an email from Kristie, and she has given Joanie two more to give to me. I should be sending six pairs on Monday, and eight if I get the two from Joanie. That's not counting the two I'm expecting from Lynda and Linda. I may need to get more labels printed!
I have plenty of labels that Cheryl sent me.
I'm hoping you will need every one you have!
Me too. I can print them on printer too. Printer doesnt reject the card stock and I can borrow sisters paper cutter.

Now back to test knit shawl even though yarn is digging into finger next to thumb. I've tried everything from bandaids to coban to paper tape and its just too awkward to knit like that. Its probably due to trying to get it done asap. Started weds and am over 200 stitches after starting with 3. For me thats incredibly fast.
And I have 4 pairs to send.
Definately need a bigger box now! I hope to squeeze in a pair or two more. May save the second pair of falberry mitts for spring fling since I'm taking class from the designer.
My latest Mitts of Steal off the needles:

They are all blocking now and will go in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday.

Very nice!
How are you blocking them? Thought of going to dollar store, get cheap placemat and cut into shape of hand or put on end of sock blockers.
The Fetching mitts got blocked on one of my blocking mats using pins. The others I just patted out on the sweater dryer. They are so yummy now! I used Kookaburra Wool Wash, and they smell wonderful!


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