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Some may know me some may not but I am looking for knitters to knit fingerless mitts that I can donate to dialysis centers to counteract cold hands when dialyzing. It's called steal (sp) syndrome which is just fancy talk for not enough blood moving to fingers while dialyzing. If interested post a message or send me a message here on knitpicks site.

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Would love to help out, I have a great pattern I found on Ravelry, they are quick to knit up and would be great for what you are looking for.  Just let me know where to send them and when you need them.
Thank You


Is it a free pattern not protected by copywrite? Though I don't for see any problems since I/we are donating and not selling. I'll need to friend you in order to tell you where to send.


They are free patterns, one is called Waffle Stitch Fingerless gloves, and another that is very easy is called Easy Fingerless gloves, my Ravelry name is douglasjs4, I have them listed under favorites. 

Thank You


Sounds great! Hope you enjoy the knitting. As long as they're free it should be fine.
You have the address right?

Love to help. Please share details where to send finished items etc.



Sent you a friends request so I can give you address. Knittergirl39 has offered up her pattern or you can use a multitude of free ones on ravelry or I can try to remember how I did mine silly me didn't write the pattern down.

When Angel Bear decided to have tags for her project, she talked about having a family member design them. Well, my sisters and I had designed gift tags I knew could be easily adapted to suit Angel Bear's need. Between the two of us we came up with the attached file.
First you should know she has come up with the name "Mitts of Steal". She chose this name for Vascular Access Steal Syndrome which is also referred to as DASS - Dialysis-associated Steal Syndrome.
To print this file, you need to know how your printer prints because you will be printing on both sides of the paper. It is suggested you use cardstock. Typically, card stock is 65 lbs or better. Though you could print this on paper as low as 32 lb (maybe even 28 lb) without having the color show through on the other side of the page. It is probably best to use white. Or if you prefer you can get any Avery or similar product that creates 4 post cards. These products are perforated so the cards can be easily separated after printing. Otherwise, just cut the cardstock into four cards.
Most home printers are inkjet printers. Some pick up the paper from the paper tray and print on the back side of the paper and others pick it up and print on the front side of the paper. When I don't know how a printer prints, I will take a piece of paper and place an X on one end of the page, note how I place it in the printer, and print to see which side it prints on. To print on the other side of the paper, place the paper back in the printer tray with the other side up. Now you should be able to print on both sides.
This file will make four cards. Here is a preview:




If you have already sent Angel Bear your mitts, she will add one of these tags even if you have already added a tag so that it will have the "Mitts of Steal" on it.

Thank you for all the beautiful mitts you have supplied to Angel Bear.


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