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Hi knitters! I designed the Little Bubbles Set as one of my first projects here at Knit Picks, and I am so excited that you're finally able to see it! Let's use this thread as a place to share our projects, get information, ask questions, and share our finished knits!

I'll start by showing you a little movie of , ahem, me, discussing the design process.

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Hi Nina made this set in the pink tones love it would like to do it in a different colour so it could be for a boy or girl.
Need suggestions for colours that would work for a girl or boy since all the kits are sold out Thanks.
Well, the kit colors for the neutral set were Ivory, Cashew, Honeydew, Seafoam, and Creme Brulee, but "girl" and "boy" colors are pretty subjective. My personal feeling is that all all colors are fair game, especially for babies. I could see a really vibrant, high contrast set knit up in Planetarium, Pomegranate, Silver Sage, Ivory and Flamingo, for instance. Or a springtime one in Marlin, Lilac Mist, Honeydew, Sea foam, and Jalapeno? Your imagination is the limit! I'd love to hear other's ideas for new colorways too!
Because I liked the colors available with the Shine Sport as well, and since it has the same weight and washing instructions and is also really soft like the Comfy Sport, I did a sweater with Hollyberry, Caution, Silver Sage, Seafoam, and Orchid. It turned out like a funky fall rainbow of sorts! I needed 2 skeins of the BC, however, since there's less yardage in the Shine Sport. Thanks again to Nina for making us all look like pros :)

Great colors - I can't decide if my favorite is caution/seafoam or hollyberry/orchid but it turned out fabulous Becky! Great work!!!
~Susan xxx
Thanks, Susan! I know exactly what you mean about red looking good with light blue - as I was knitting the last few stripes and then the hollyberry at the bottom, I realized that the combo of hollyberry, seafoam, and silver sage would look really great for a boy!

Once the Harbor color is available in the Shine Sport, I'm doing one for a boy due at the end of December in Harbor, Leapfrog, Caution, Silver Sage and Seafoam. The Leapfrog is so much nicer in person than what it looks like online - I'm so glad I ordered the color swatches for both of these yarns!
oooohhhh! that sounds so cute! Can't wait to see it knit up!
~Susan xxx
Love, love, love the color combo!!! Great job!!! Give yourself a pat on the back!!
Wonderful! I love the colors.
Thanks so much for all the positive feedback :) I'm so happy to have found a group of knitters who enjoyed this pattern as much as I did!
I absolutely love it!!! I think I need to do one for my daughter in those colors. Great job!!!
Wow Beckylynn, this look fabulous! I love these colors together--they're so playful and unexpected! I think the baby who wears it will look quite stylin' :)


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