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I just started working on a Baby Surprise Jacket with my Koolaid-dyed hand spun yarn:

What projects are you working on using your hand spun yarn? What have you made from yarn you have spun? What projects are you planning for your own yarn?

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Maybe some...angora?
That is one of the things I plan to spin first. I want to work on that for my Christmas stockings.
I suspected as much!
I really should have posted pics... I'll wait until I block the last two...

Landscape Shawl. BFL/BL/Silk blend

Nice! This is a fun pattern and good for handspun if you went really crazy and spun up 12-18 oz of fiber! And you can pick the directions for the size yarn closest to what you end up with. See the Landscape Shawl here. There is a scarf version included, too, in case you just have a small amount of your hand spun.
I DID go crazy and spun up a over pound of the BFL/BL/Silk (18 oz) after carding and blending. over 1,000 yards total, and used all but a few yards of the stuff. And now that I understand the pattern, I'll probably at least use it again, but this time the scarf version.
My friend Lynda and I split 5 lbs. of hand-dyed Coopworth for my first real project! I didn't think I'd ever finish! It was good to learn long-draw on, though!
I bought a Coopworth fleece at the Iowa wool show in June and had it shipped out to be washed and processed into roving. I am looking forward to spinning it in January after I finish this Cormo. When I first started spinning I was told it is hard to spin a 10# fleece in a year. It is true, even if you spin a little every day.
Maybe not if 5# of it is lanolin and you wash it out!
Evelyn, I would say that is true. I've only spun a little over 6# this year, but now my knitting as gotten in the way, and I only plan to spin about 8 more oz. this year... of course, this spinning has produced more then 4,000 yards of yarn, and I've actually knit up most of that yardage.
That's impressive! I. Have no idea how much yarn I have spun this year. I should start keeping track! The Pacapoo is spinning up very fast. Maybe the chunks of poo, LOL! I will have a little under 4oz when I'm done spinning it. I'll weigh it and let you know!
Since you used the word "chunks" I have to ask if you listened to the latest Knit Wits podcast. So, have you?


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