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We've updated the old Knit Picks Knitting Room and added a lot of new features and functionality, including:

- a pop-out music player where you can stream Kelley's latest podcast (or download them directly - just click on the arrow next to the track you want);
- an RSS feed of our favorite Staff Picks;
- a new Knit Picks’ staff knitting blog where you can read the latest happenings the Knit Picks office in Vancouver, Washington;
- all of our Knit Picks Knitalongs;
- individual member profiles that allow you to create your own page and show off your finished knitting projects
- a collection of tutorials with general and specific knitting instructions and a robust search function that will help you learn to knit;
- photo management for all of your knitted projects and knitting events;
- a forum for posting comments, questions, feedback, and requests.


How do I check my messages?
You can check messages by clicking on the envelope icon located on the thin purple strip that appears at the top of the page. A panel will then drop down where you can compose messages and read messages you've received.

How do I manage email notifications?
You can manage your email settings by clicking on the "My Settings" link in the right column.

My Page

How do I change the theme of my page on a network?
When you join the network, a profile page on that network is created for you. You can edit your page's theme by logging in and clicking the My Page tab. Follow the link at the top of the page to "Edit Profile Appearance." You can choose a theme for your page, entirely separate from the network's theme, and customize the color of each item on the page.

What is a text box? What can I put in my text box?
A text box is a box to which you can add a variety of content. It's just another way to make your page your own! Simply click the "Edit" button in the top right corner of the text box on your My Page to get started. You can add the following to the text box on your page:

How do I change my profile photo?
Log in to the site and click the "My Settings" link on the right side of the page. Click the "Browse" button under the Profile Photo field to locate an image on your computer. When you upload a new photo, the old one will be deleted. New profile photos can take up to thirty minutes to show up, so don't worry if your new photo doesn't appear immediately.


How do I add photos?
You can add photos by clicking on the Photos tab that appears at the top of the page. You can upload them from your computer, mobile phone, Flickr, or email account.

You can upload pictures to your blog post by clicking on the camera icon at the top of the tool bar next to where you are typing the text of your post.

Either upload a picture from your computer’s hard drive or insert the url of an existing image that you are hosting on another website (such as Flickr).

If you click on the “Options” button, you can format the alignment of your image, the size of your image, and whether you want a pop up screen to view your full sized image.

If you want to add photos to your profile, go to the menu on the right side of the screen that says “Quick Add” and select “Photos”

You can add photos that are saved to your hard drive, by selecting “Browse” then finding the file path, when you are done, click “Add Photos.”

If you click on the “More Options” tab, you can add up to 100 files directly from your hard drive, upload directly from your Flickr account, or upload from your cell phone or email account.

If you have lots of photos, you can add one word tags that describe the item, so that someone looking for a “cardigan” to knit would find your photo. You can also organize your photos into albums, if you want to keep all of your finished objects from 2008 in a separate place.

How do I delete a photo?
To delete a photo, go to that photo's detail page. In the toolbar to the right of the photo, locate the red X with a link to "Delete Photo." Click on this link.

How do I see a specific person's photos?
You can view a member's photos page by clicking on their name next to a photo, or by selecting the "View Photos" link under their name on the photo's detail page.

How do I report an offensive photo?
When you're signed in, click "Report an Issue," which appears as a link at the bottom of every network page. This will alert the Network Creator to the offensive photo.

How do I crop a photo without software?
While most computers come with image-editing software now capable of cropping (Preview for the Mac, Paint for Windows), there's also another web-based solution. offers a fairly easy-to-use cropping system. You can just upload the large image you want to crop, set your desired size and it'll do the rest. For reference, our recommended width for header background images is 955px. Height can vary so experiment for the best results.


How do I join a knitalong?
To join a knitalong you need to be a member of the Knitting Community website. To browse our knitalongs, go to the Knitalongs tab.

Do discussions within a Knitalong Forum appear in the Discussions Forum?
Nope! Knitalong discussions are contained entirely within that group, and don't appear alongside Knitting Community Forum discussions.

Can I subscribe to a group's forum posts?
Yes. Go to that group's page and click on the RSS link at the bottom of the forum section.


Do I have a blog? Where is it?
Every member of the Knitting Community has his or her own page on the site, including a blog. To get to your blog, click on the My Page tab. Find the "My Blog" box in the middle column of the page. You can add a blog post by clicking on the "Write your first entry!" link. Once you write the first entry in your blog, this link will disappear. A link prompting you to "Create a new blog post" will now appear at the bottom of your blog on your page.


Why does it say I have 15 minutes to edit posts?
To maintain the integrity of discussions and replies, we only allow members to edit posts for 15 minutes. We think this is enough time to correct a typo, while ensuring that people don't "rewrite history." We do, however, let members delete their own posts at any time.

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I have successfully deleted one photo at a time - but help! I have imported all my flickr photos that are on ravelry but want to delete quite a few that aren't necessary for this community. The process for deleting one at a time is pretty time intensive. I have 127 pictures and every time I delete one it brings me back to page one of my pix and I start all over. Is there an easier way to delete multiple pictures?
The software we're using has the "bulk delete" option on its master list of future updates, but it's not quite there yet. Unfortunately, for now, we have to delete photos one-by-one.
I'm glad it's on the list - thank you!
I have added a blog, bu it isn't coming up on my page. Did I do something wrong? Help. I'm pretty computer savvy, but not super savvy. Thanks,
No problem! Have you written a blog post yet? Your blog won't show up on "My Page" until you've created at least one blog post. Also, to access your blog, go to the upper left of "My Page" and click on "My Blog." It will take you to your blog management screen, and in the upper right corner is a little green plus sign that says "Add New Blog Post."
Is there a way to create a group that isn't a knitalong?
i need a friend to help me to learn how to knit ;;what do these mean;;slip1pwis wyif&kfb
Hi, Doris. I'm not exactly sure what "slip1pwis wyif&kfb" means, but I would guess that you need to move the yarn to the front of the needle (wyif means "with yarn in front," of the needle) slip a stitch purl-wise (move a stitch from the left needle to the right as if you were going to purl it, but without actually purling it) move the yarn back between the needles so you can knit the next stitch through the front and back of the stitch (kfb means "knit through front and back" of the stitch.)

I know the abbreviations can get very confusing. Here's the link to our glossary of terms, which you may find helpful:

What project are you working on? That may help me understand what you need. Good luck, and please let me know if you have any other questions!

Happy knitting!
Lion Brand also has a great glossary for knitting and crocheting. Easy to understand. I also have a problem with this and look in both places for help. I have taught mysefl to knit also. There are no places near me where I can go and get help, so glad I have the internet. Good luck with your knitting.
I too taught myself to knit. Luckily I had a few books of my own, used the internet, picked a few brains at work (several knitters there, too). When you are learning, there are no limitations to the resources available... from the local library (ours has a store of knitting books) to the internet, to friends and acquaintences you may meet who knit. Knitters are everywhere if you look for them.

Knitting is a great way to bring people together... and this Knitting Community has taught us all.

It isn't about personalities... or beliefs... it is about knitting.

I have a suggestion for a new category of questions/comments. This would go directly to someone at Knit Picks, to answer quickly needed questions, comments. Not really Knitting Community, but Knit Picks questions/ comments. Like general comments. Hope you can add something like this.

If you have any questions or comments that need immediate attention, we ask that you call Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!


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