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Hi everyone,I was given the knitted animals book by Zoe Mellor.I knitted several snakes,the alligator and the turtle.Then I was asked to knit the turtle in a larger size{kinda like a big pillow}I knitted it after much calculating to get the proportions right.It was a great sucess as they raffled it off {where I volunteer}I am sorry I did not take pictures of all these animals that I knitted...its really too bad that there are not enough hours in the day to knit as all the other stuff {like cooking ,cleaning,etc,} gets in the you ladies have any suggestion to stretch the day so we can do the fun stuff?...josie

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Josie, that is really a terrific thing you do to help the Sisters. Most organizations run by Sisters is very organized and very loving. Keep up the good work. ♥c
Dust bunnies make excellent stuffing for knitted toys...just saying, ;)
Great thought NKS!!--since my dust bunnies are puffs of dog hair, they frequently get mixed with the tufts of quilt batting and it all makes excellent stuffing for pillows--toys are good too!!
I knew there was a reason I let them multiply! LOL ♥c
Hello everyone,
I just joined a fraction of a minute ago. I have yet to look for a pattern, but Kelly's mitten KAL is winding down or we are about to finish our mittens. It has been such a great KAL that I wanted to join another before I went into withdrawl, so here I am. I will be back in a week or so. I will be lurking until I find a pattern or decide whether I just want to wing it.
I think this will be so much fun. How can a person not have fun when toys are involved? ~ 8 )
Welcome Patricia!
Post as often or as little as you want! We look forward to seeing what cuteness you decide on! :)
and be warned..... your Rav queue will double in size after joining this KAL - so many adorable patterns, so little time.
~Susan xxx
Run, run while you can!!

These girls (there are no guys yet) are dangerous to your stash and queue. I had never really done a toy, have never had a desire to do so. And now...I am the proud owner of three new books specific to toys, and have included possible-toy-projects whenever I look at yarn. It is dangerous, I tell you.

Run, run like the wind!!
Lena, you know how much we like to enable! ♥c
Well I did it. My queue is filling up. Actually I am filling up my favorites really fast. Now to decide which one I am going to knit first. I am leaning heavily toward the hedgehog. I don't know if I will use close to correct colors or use fantasy colors. I think a pink Hannah Hedgehog would look cute on my studio desk. What do you think? The furry dust bunnies were cute too. I gotta have a few of those too. Maybe I could knit some bunny ears for Hannah for Easter? I'm gonna decide this weekend.
That's always the problem, isn't it? Deciding which project should be next. And, yes, Hannah will definitely need bunny ears for Easter. ♥c
Pat, That sounds like it would be really cute - especially with the bunny ears! --S
It is definitely going to be a pink Hannah the Hedgehog with pink or white ears and her own pet dust bunny.


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