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Hi everyone,I was given the knitted animals book by Zoe Mellor.I knitted several snakes,the alligator and the turtle.Then I was asked to knit the turtle in a larger size{kinda like a big pillow}I knitted it after much calculating to get the proportions right.It was a great sucess as they raffled it off {where I volunteer}I am sorry I did not take pictures of all these animals that I knitted...its really too bad that there are not enough hours in the day to knit as all the other stuff {like cooking ,cleaning,etc,} gets in the you ladies have any suggestion to stretch the day so we can do the fun stuff?...josie

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Cheryl... I'm talking total knick-knacks... not knitting related... nothing that any one even looks at but once every two or three months.. or less..
Well, I was only coming to his defense! Tell him I at least tried! ♥c
Cheryl... we are talking old stuff.... it belonged to his mom... his grandmother... his great great grandmother... how much stuff can we keep.... you understand. --S
Hey, I live with someone who brings home rusty nails everyday when he's out walking. I wouldn't mind so much if he were doing it to keep people from getting flat tires, but he won't throw them away. Plus, remember all those Popsicle sticks my kids have threatened to use for his coffin? At lease your DH has some sentimental reason to keep these things. I don't think there is a sentimental reason to keep these nails. LOL or RRBB!!
Cheryl, I could not take any additional thingies... God Bless you for putting up with your guys. I've done all I can do... off to bed. --S
Susan, if we all threw the quirks of our spouses into a pot and had to choose which ones we were willing to live with, we'd probably all take what we threw in. ♥c
hmm, to nail the popsicle sticks together for his coffin?

running, ducking...
I think they were planning to glue them all together. After all that would make for a watertight coffin, wouldn't it! LOL
Hi Susan and all the ladies,Hope you all are having a fun day.My husband also picks up nails and the odd piece of wood now and again,but he has a cellar on the side of the house,so he puts his "treasures"there.Once in a while he says "you sure have lots of yarn and maybe you don't need anymore "my response is "At least I am not asking for diamonds".Do any of you ladies knit baby jackets booties Blankies etc?...happy knitting...josie
Having a wonderful day... though it is almost over. And yes, I knit all sorts of baby things. This is the link to my album of baby things I just finished knitting for my new grandson Sam. --S
Josie, you might enjoy looking at the Baby Surprise Jacket KAL. ♥c
Hi Cheryl,Sorry I took so long to reply..had other things to take care of..But today hope to knit ..I have not made that particular baby jacket,but I have a pattern to knit a baby jacket all in one and its really cute..I usually knit for a senior citizens home where the Sisters take really good care of them..I volunteer my time and I knit all kinds of baby stuff and the sisters put it in their Gift shop and sell them and use the money for the seniors in the home.


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