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I cast on for my Offering Mitts on February 19, but several projects got in the way.  What's new?

Today I sat down and made myself work on the project most of the day.  I would say that this mitt is about 1/2 way finished.  I can probably finish it tomorrow... since I will have plenty of uninterrupted knitting time. This pic isn't perfect, but I had to do the pic in artificial light (ugh)... here is my progress so far.



I am knitting these in Palette in Bittersweet Heather, using Size 1 needles. I am pushing to finish this first mitt, because the pair are a birthday gift for my DGD1 for her 15th birthday, on April 20.  I was a bit worried, but right now, I think I can finish them in a few more days.  My problems with the pattern:  1) Lace intimidates me.  2) Using fingering weight yarn intimidates me. 3) Using a Size 1 needle intimidates me. But 4) So far the pattern has worked fine, with no big surprises.  Hope you like my mitts. ♥s

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looks great - love the ring idea! I just got the magazine in the mail yesterday. I'm going to have to try these someday - when I get all my other UFOs done. lol like that will ever happen.
Is that supposed to happen? ♥c
Wait until you read my blog, you will be shocked! ♥s
Susan- they look wonderful! I didn't know how that shaped top would look in the end- wasn't sure I'd like it- but it is really fantastic! Different, but not too. Fun! Nice job! -Pickles
Thanks Peggy. The pattern was not that hard, a few minor issues with terminology, but with a little help from my friends, and some looking around provided all the answers I needed. I think my 15 year old DGD1 will love them! The color makes them a bit rustic, and the lace makes them a bit elegant... very different! ♥s
Yesterday I realized that I had to mail these mitts out today, and had forgotten to wash/block them... So late last night I did the blocking, and this morning they are dry and ready to go. There is the final pic...

and the palm side.

Once my DGD3 receives them, I'll get my DD to take a pic, and I'll include that on my page. ♥s
Susan--they are beautiful! Your granddaughter will love them! I bought the mag w/the pattern--might make one day! Katherine
Katherine, Thanks, I'm glad you like them. I had already decided to knit fingerless mitts for DGD3, but when the mag came, knew I had to knit these. Sometimes patterns just fall out of the sky onto your needles. I was lucky. ♥s
I thought these were for DGD1. Isn't she the ballerina? I seem to think these were for her. Aren't the socks on your needles for DGD3? Just trying to get my brain working properly today. ♥c
See how confused I am... I knew who I was knitting what for ...honest!... Your brain is FINE... mine is the one that is obviously off today. ROFL. ♥s
So funny. I was sure it was me that was confused because you are usually right on everything. LOL. It's not like you haven't had tons of other things on your mind lately. ♥c
This appears to be the best place to post MIPs (mittens-in-progress). These are the Mitones Iveños from Andean Folk Knits.

The yarn is WotA worsted. I've had some difficulty with th pattern. The thumb position is wrong on the chart, so I ended up frogging and redoing. It works out perfectly if you line up the charts for the hand and the thumb gusset.


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