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I cast on for my Offering Mitts on February 19, but several projects got in the way.  What's new?

Today I sat down and made myself work on the project most of the day.  I would say that this mitt is about 1/2 way finished.  I can probably finish it tomorrow... since I will have plenty of uninterrupted knitting time. This pic isn't perfect, but I had to do the pic in artificial light (ugh)... here is my progress so far.



I am knitting these in Palette in Bittersweet Heather, using Size 1 needles. I am pushing to finish this first mitt, because the pair are a birthday gift for my DGD1 for her 15th birthday, on April 20.  I was a bit worried, but right now, I think I can finish them in a few more days.  My problems with the pattern:  1) Lace intimidates me.  2) Using fingering weight yarn intimidates me. 3) Using a Size 1 needle intimidates me. But 4) So far the pattern has worked fine, with no big surprises.  Hope you like my mitts. ♥s

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Nice! Your grand "d" will love them! KL
We want Deb to post picks with them on DGD1 when she receives them!!! ♥c
Will do! I'm still waiting for the ones of the DGD2 with her Diamond Lace shrug... the birthday was Wed... how long should I wait? ♥s
Hmmm..... need someone to pop over to her page and ask where's the pictures? I'm not proud. ♥c
Boy that was quick. Your a speed knitter.
Not really, I just sat down and started knitting... before you knew it, the swatch was finished. --S
Poof like magic. ;)
Kinda like that exactly! :}
Don't you love when swatching goes that way?
Isn't magic what fairy godknitters use?
Susan ~ Omg These MittS are Reallyyy Coming Out GorgeouS !!!! For Some Reason This Pic Is Giving Me a Truer to the Real Shade Then the Cuff Pic did Go Figure iPhones grrr but Youve got Me Gobsmacked I'd of Never believed Youd of been Afraid of Picking Up AnY Project After Some of the Toughies I've Seen You Do a Trulyyyy BeautiFul Job of .. These Are Really Really GorgeouS Love love EveryThing about Them :))) ColoR/Pattern etc !!! Will these be FingerLess or a Full Mitten ??? Sorry it Took Me So Long to Answer .. Am at the Kids (have been since Fri night) My BDay was yesterday Sat so Son called Asked if I'd come for the Weekend & Kids were All Up Late late Since they Didnt have to get up for school (it's Sunday ) I just cannot get a minute without Clinging Kids to jump on here so Soon as they're Asleepy I Tryyy to get On & play catch Up :) Kudos Susan these MittS are FaBulouS !!
Well, Happy Birthday. Or should I say belated since I am 51 minutes late! ♥c


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