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I love making items for babies.  People love receiving the items I make.  win-win situation

I came across this pattern several years ago and then forgot about it.  It grabbed my attention again.

Intermediate level.  Crocheted Soccasins by Megan Mills.

It's written with UK terms.  All the dc's are US single crochet.  Calls for wool yarn though I'm not sure what weight.(double knitting)  I plan on playing and figuring that out.


Another cutie:

Also, made with wool, guessing a fingering weight.  She has the pattern available with US terminolgy.

The PRR babies will have warmer tootsies and the parents will hopefully like my gifts.

Please add your fave baby and kids crochet patterns. 

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Oooh, your friend is going to love it.  It looks great.  The buttons give the booties a unique touch. (I bought buttons just like that on Etsy several years ago)
Anna, that is so sweet. I think the shorter sleeves are great. I don't know what the weather is like where your friend lives, but the shorter sleeves are perfect for warmer weather. Love the boots!

Free Crochet Free pattern of the day 7-14-2011:  Victorian baby cape (would probably work for child cape, too)
You have to sign up to get patterns and just say no to offers if you aren't interested.

My interest today is the mesh child cover up. age 2-5
Plan to upsize to adult and make it a tank top cover.

Diana- that mesh cover up is very, very cute!!
Debating whether to add the hoodie on mine. (haven't started on this one yet...working on other ufos as able)
That neck pillow is terrific!
haha...I checked that's today's free pattern of the day.  That does look comfy.
It would be great in the car!!  Especially to keep little heads from lolling around...
I wouldn't mind one to help prevent cricks in my neck! Wouldn't it be perfect in either Comfy or Simply Cotton?

Ooooh, that would be so soft in Comfy and even Shine (adds a slickness of comfort to the skin).

For myself, I could use it in bed as this body torques so much, involving my poor neck, too.

Going on a road trip in August.  I think I could whip up a couple of these for the small fries.  And maybe one for me too.  What excellent timing.


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