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I love making items for babies.  People love receiving the items I make.  win-win situation

I came across this pattern several years ago and then forgot about it.  It grabbed my attention again.

Intermediate level.  Crocheted Soccasins by Megan Mills.

It's written with UK terms.  All the dc's are US single crochet.  Calls for wool yarn though I'm not sure what weight.(double knitting)  I plan on playing and figuring that out.


Another cutie:

Also, made with wool, guessing a fingering weight.  She has the pattern available with US terminolgy.

The PRR babies will have warmer tootsies and the parents will hopefully like my gifts.

Please add your fave baby and kids crochet patterns. 

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Diana, the Soccasins and Daisy Booties are adorable!  I will definitely be using those patterns for baby gifts!  Thank You!
Those Soccasins are great!  I think they'd be great for all ages.  :)  My Dad would love a pair.  :) 
I think my DH would, too, now that you mention it! =)

I've been practicing the Soccasin pattern.

I made it to the slipper stage and stopped.  Leftover alpaca worsted weight? with a E hook. Enough to make a pair of slipper styles.  It'll be a older baby/toddler size.  I like the pattern.  It would be fairly easy to size it up for adults.

The same designer has a lovelybaby bib pattern.  I adore it!! 
That bib is adorable!
That bib is too beautiful to have green pea and orange carrot stains on it, but wouldn't it be lovely modified to be a collar?
Couldn't agree more!  I actually think all fiber bibs should be created with the cottons that I use for facecloths or dishcloths -- something that you can wash the heck out of!  This is way to beautiful to spit into.

I saw that, too.  I agree, too nice for drool n food.

You could re-fashion that into a summer-bibbed sundress. 

My 20-yo daughter wants me to make her a pair of the Soccasins for this winter. I should probably get started soon. :)
I read the instructions for the sock section.  Slip stitch.  I think that would be too tedious for me, but the soccasin is cute without the mock socks.  Maybe, if I have some particular good hours I'll try it with a worsted yarn.....If you make them for your daughter I'd love to see your results.
OMG, Diana, those are so cute!


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